1. decent day with strips and planers over the reef

  2. of course, posted no fishing... signs signs...everywhere signs.

  3. This never gets old

  4. we can get us a fish or two...

    1. Bryan Harper 0
      Nice pair!🎣👍
  5. 300 Zuke. Installed and ready to go.

  6. New motor on, no T top yet...

  7. Just finished the top side paint and getting ready for the new motor

  8. During the build....

  9. Ok....so I have been missing in action from this site for a while....here is why. This is my 25' Dusky that we stripped and retrofitted. Here are some photos ...more of the build...and then I will get back to the fishing.


I am a Florida native fishing these waters for over three decades. I enjoy taking the boat out and chasing after any pelagic species that I can ...more get on the end of my rod. I am so lucky to be here in southern Florida where we can fish the Bahamas , the keys, the Everglades and the Gulf Stream within an hour or two. Where else can you catch a bass, a snook and a sailfish on the same weekend...?

Fishing Favorites

  • Species wahoo...sailfish....mahi....snook
  • Waterway right here at home in the Bermuda triangle
  • Lure chuggers