1. 22 in. Smallmouth Bass

    1. brad baringer 0
    2. Nice catch Brad!
    3. brad baringer 0
      thanks I never seem to catch any smaller than that, but have caught several bigger out of Milton
    4. Jared Troyer 0
      Thats a huge smallie!
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  2. what a nightmare trying to even fish west branch today ppl had literally no respect for fisherman, just come blowing by u 30 feet away unreal......will not be fishing ...more there again anywhere around a holiday

  3. not as big as many ppl catch out there but my first muskie on West Branch


    1. brad baringer 0
    2. David Neuzil 0
      Congratulations on your first Muskie !
    3. J. Owens 0
    4. brad baringer 0
      yesterday was my 2nd time ever on that lake, trying to learn how to catch musky I've never fished for them
    5. Andrew Kane 0
      Congrats man. Not an easy task! Be proud
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  4. looking for any advice to fish west branch went tonight for the first time had a nice evening caught a nice walleye but went for bass northerns and the possible ...more musky any advice on how to fish the lake would be appreciated

  5. Largemouth Bass

    1. Jared Consiglio 0
      I just fished the Thursday nighter there only got 4 fish for 6.13lbs the wind was really tough couldn't get anything going
    2. brad baringer 0
      lost more than we got in the boat real weedy made hook sets harder
    3. brad baringer 0
      we caught them on both ends of the lake that night we just took those pics at the end of the night there
    4. nice one
    5. Jared Consiglio 0
      Catching those on the north or south end?
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species bass/northerns
  • Waterway mosquito/lake milton / berlin lake
  • Lure skermish crankbait & kvd spinnerbait