1. Well one of my fishing partners move back home and open up a spot for someone to fill. This invite is for those that don't have a boat and have time during the ...more week. The boat is stock with rods, so you don't have to worry about carrie a lot of tackle. All that cost you is the live bait that u want to use. I'm going anyway so I have the fuel and drinks. I don'tguarantee catching fish but I do guarantee you will have a fun time.

    1. Richard Mackinder 0
      Woo Hoo !!! the aforementioned fishing partner is on his way back. Can't wait to catch my 1st hardhead.
    2. Fernando Almaguer 0
      I too am getting ready to retire, have an RV in Rockport (close to Goose Island State Park). Let me know if you are ever in the area and will take you up on the ...more offer to go fishing. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing.
    3. I had the motor wrap and the guy that took the engine cover off pulled the overheating buzzard off and while fishing a plastic bag clogged the water intake and ...more motor locked up. But lucky me I found a great deal on a 150. And it looks brand new.
    4. Sounds like you're taking down the available fishing spot. Don't worry you always have a spot reserved for you.
    5. Richard Mackinder 0
      Ben's fishing partner has only TEMPORARILY left Corpus. The only thing that keeps me going is thinking of fishin' the Laguna Madre!
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  2. Well back from a great hunting season. It's time to concentrate on fishing and surfing. So went on a overnight fishing trip. Caught a lot of schooly trout ...more and one 19" trout.on the way back the motor got hot and lock up but letting it cool down it got us home. So I bought a motor and I will install it tomorrow.

  3. 25" red while fishing the bird island side before baffin.

  4. Details: Gulf Flounder

    1. michael michael 0
      I'm sure ready if I can ever get away from this job @ReelGame
    2. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Nice Flattie @Slightchop come on over plenty over here can't keep them off my hooks
    3. michael michael 0
      Nice one haven't caught one of them in like 35 years
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  5. anchor right outside of shamrock and flato also caught a few small trout and 1keeper. few small reds.

    18 in. Gulf Flounder with a live shrimp

  6. This red was 30+" and was released

    12 lb. 31 in. Red Drum with a live shrimp

  7. After fishing on Thursday it said that the fish bite was excellent but nothing caught. So we plan to hit tomorrow morning earlier. Ran down to landcut and nothing. ...more Working our way back stopped at rocky slough and found some trout. Then between baffin and bird island some reds.

    1. Adolfo ( Ben ) Cuellar 0
      This red was 30" and was released.
  8. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    1 limit of trout and this 32 in redfish out by landcut and was released.

    1. Adolfo ( Ben ) Cuellar 0
      I been told that.
    2. michael michael 0
      Nice job!
    3. michael michael 0
      Good catch and I just realized you kind of look like Sam Elliot the actor lol
    4. Roger Connolly 0
      Good color!
    5. Adolfo ( Ben ) Cuellar 0
      Sorry I didn't mention red fish was released.
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  9. Details: pure oil channel

    shallow spots with some deep pockets
    Good grass with clear water.


I'm retired and I enjoy surfing and fishing and hunting. You'll find me either fishing or surfing. I fish at least 3-4 days during the week. ...more Drifting coving area. Casting 700 - 1000 times or till arm falls off. So if anyone wants to go let me know.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species trout, reds, flounder, drum
  • Waterway lower and middle laguna madre
  • Lure paddle tails- eel.