1. Smallmouth Bass with a CP Swing size 3

    1. Jason Granato 0
      Not nice as your profile smallie, that's a pig!
    2. Robert Coleman 0
      Nice Smallie!
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  2. landed 3, missed one. Hitting shoreline w blue/silver topwater and cranks.

    8 lb. 24 in. Hybrid Striped Bass with a real image shad

  3. If fish could talk this one would say "Give me your soul!"

    Gizzard Shad

  4. Hybrid Striped Bass with a Blue/Silver Long A

    1. Jason Granato 0
      yes they are. I'll be back out tomorrow night.
    2. Zack Eury 0
      Nice fish!! Boy are those fun to catch.
    3. Dustin Chehovits 0
      I fished it last year late at 528 and did ok. It's a tough lake for sure.
    4. Jason Granato 0
      I live 20 mins from Arthur and never cared for it... rather fish Erie or the Allegheny. But it's growing on me
    5. Jason Granato 0
      we're actually doing good there. Stripers are all over if you can get right cast at right time and largemouth are easy.
    6. Dustin Chehovits 0
      Nice fish bro! How is the Dead Sea???
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  5. Largemouth Bass with a senko

    1. Jason Granato 0
      If I knew there wouldn't be any pics of bass and crappie!
    2. Shawn Bobb 0
      Nice one where's the walleye?
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  6. slip bobbers set at 3'-4' in 9' of water

    white and black crappies with a minnows

    1. Paul Azinger 0
      Thanks! Appreciate the info!!
    2. Jason Granato 0
      yes and no. the black crappie were the majority and they were on small side. Caught them near slashings and logs. the white crappie were a little bigger and suspended ...more in open water about 30-40 yds from shore lines
    3. Paul Azinger 0
      Nice catch for Lake Arthur. Were you around structure??
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  7. Hybrid Striped Bass with a yo-zuri

  8. über aggressive bull frog with a shadow rap

  9. Unexpected hit while striper fishing

    Common Carp with a alewife

    1. Joe Fiore 0
      cool.. thanks. I thought for some reason you weren't allowed to be on the water after dusk... thanks... nice catch by the way...
    2. Jason Granato 0
      Yeah Joe.
    3. Joe Fiore 0
      are you allowed to fish lake arthur at night?
    4. Jason Granato 0
      i figured that's what it was too. hahaha... you guys do any good? we got a couple.
    5. Zack Eury 0
      I watched you pull that in from the shore haha. I thought it was a big old channel cat. Nice little unexpected surprise.
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  10. dusk til 9:30 in 3'-5' of water

    Walleye with a shallow bay rats

    1. Jason Granato 0
      Any of the shallow shorelines and the shallow humps at dark. U can catch them out of any launch as long as you're in less then 5' of water.
    2. Thomas Bridges 0
      I'm new to Pmye where about where you fishing. I love casting & jigging for eyes.
    3. Jason Granato 0
      casting. too many guys wading to troll at night
    4. Tim Hlad 0
      Were you trolling or just casting?
    5. Jason Granato 0
      Chartreuse and black/silver
    6. David Krimm 0
      What color? nice size fish
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  • Species Smallies & Walleye
  • Waterway Beaver & Upper Allegheny Rivers, Conny, Erie, Pymo, Moraine
  • Lure Senkos & Cranks