1. Details: Gulf Flounder with a 5" Bass Assassin Die Dapper

    17" flounder caught using a 5" die dapper red/green working through the water column.

    1. Ernest Fernandez 0
      Roughly 9 am.
    2. Ernest Fernandez 0
      @marctrejo bird island basin. Wadin a shoreline in about 3-4' of water.
    3. marc trejo 0
      Man thats a good flattie. Where did you catch it at
    4. Ernest Fernandez 0
      Good weekend, much needed. @GunnerNewberry
    5. Gunner Newberry 0
      Tag team for the inshore slam! Looks like a great day on the water
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  2. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a 5" Bass Assassin Die Dapper red

    26" trout working a grass drop off to about 4' deep. 1/16 oz jig with a red/green 5" die dapper slowly worked through the water column. 6'6" ...more American Rodsmith with a Quantum EXO PT, marine blue 30# pp

    1. Ernest Fernandez 0
      There you go! @reelgame
    2. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Going to ACK with my friend from S Texas he is a TKFer also might just buy one today for myself T160
    3. Ernest Fernandez 0
      Thank you sir! @reelgame
    4. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Nice trout nice set up I like those quantum reels good job
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  3. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Glow Fat Boy

    Knee deep water workin potholes. 26"

  4. Details: King Mackerel with a squid

    Red Snapper trip, landed a King as a bonus.

    1. Ernest Fernandez 0
      @wader def can't sir. Good trip. Lets see what we can get today😉
    2. wader 0
      Nice. Cant complain about that
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  5. George Jones... 9/12/31 - 4/26/13 Born in Saratoga, TX. Hope y'all don't mind.

  6. Finally picked up out new yaks!

    1. Ernest Fernandez 0
      Yes sir @greatness627 !!! 🎣😃
    2. greatness627 0
      You bet, partner!!!! Happy for you and your family!! Won't be long before y'all are slammin' them fish out of the kayaks again!!!!!
    3. Ernest Fernandez 0
      Hey @greatness627 not a prob they actually canceled this weekends tourney. Appreciate it either way.
    4. greatness627 0
      That's awesome, buddy!!!! Meant to message you yesterday to see if I could catch your boys baseball game but have been so slammed with work. Hope they won!!
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  7. Details: Gulf Flounder with a candy corn saltwater assassin sea shad

    1/16 screw lock jig head workin my slow retrieve.

    1. Ernest Fernandez 0
      Anytime @matt thanks for the acknowledgment
    2. Matt Dobson 0
      Great info man, thanks!
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  8. Details: Gafftopsail Catfish with a squid

    1. Ernest Fernandez 0
      Lol u know I was going to but I left mine in my wading belt. Seems to happen on the gaftop trips
    2. sharkingtrey25 0
      Lol they are good eating. I use grippers on them that way I don't have to touch them haha
    3. Ernest Fernandez 0
      I fish artis so this is the only time I pot lick
    4. Ernest Fernandez 0
      @sharkingtrey25 lol yea man I used to hate it... But we carry plenty of rags.
    5. sharkingtrey25 0
      Lol nothing like slimed hands
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