1. Another good pic of my new Baha Cat 296

    1. Tim Boone 0
      I've got this thing trailering so well now I might bring down your way sometime. I'll try to remember to contact you and we can go drown some bait. Can you ...more send me your phone number? Or email mine is tmbo2000@gmail.com.
    2. John Potter 0
      When you going to test it out in Pensacola?
    3. John Potter 0
      Very nice Tim! Congratulations!!!
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  2. 3 of my fishing buddies helped me take my new to me Baha Cat offshore out of Port O'Connor Texas this last weekend. Looking forward to more trips soon.

    1. Tim Boone 0
      Lloyd thanks. It's been a lot of work to get it to this point but I'm starting enjoy it now.
    2. T Sen 0
      Tim, ol' buddy, ol' pal......lol i bet ya hear that one alot with that boat.....lol
    3. Lloyd Hill 0
      That's a good looking Cat
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  3. 6 lb. 17 in. Red Snapper with a cut bait

  4. Me and 3 buddies limited out on Snapper and Kings on the first trip offshore in my new to me Baha Cat 296 last weekend. Looking forward to more and bigger fish soon.

  5. Finally got the tower and other upgrades finished. Ready to get on the bluewater now.

  6. Fly fishing sucked at the Texas coast this weekend. Either the water was too dirt or the fish were too spooky. Made about 10 shots at fish but none would eat. Great ...more to getaway though. Looking forward to the next trip.

  7. My New to me offshore ride. Looking forward to fishing the Gulf this summer.

  8. My First Snook on the Fly

    Snook with a Nautilus NV 10/11 Reel Gloomis 10wt NRX Rod and Fly

  9. It was windy but they still bite. My first Jack on the fly

    Crevalle Jack with a fly

  10. 23 in. Red Drum with a crack fly

    1. Tim Boone 0
      I didn't even measure it.
    2. Tim Boone 0
      Hell no, probably 18".
    3. Or are you a giant.
    4. Say tim, are you sure that fish is 23".
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Redfish on the fly
  • Waterway Texas, La and Florida Coast. Inshore and Offshore
  • Lure Redfish Crack Fly