1. always fish dock in high pressure and hot sunny days!

    Largemouth Bass with a 7 inch worm

    1. Wow! Monster!
    2. Christopher Pereira 0
      Nice tactic! And don't forget the pads!
    3. Scott Sorrell 0
      That's a hog....nice job
    4. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Awesome bass!
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  2. flippen docks when high pressure.

    8 lb. Largemouth Bass with a worm

  3. my dad caught him around 9:30 in the morning around some trees.

    Largemouth Bass with a plastic worm

    1. Ziggy Rees 0
      yes sir. its right below the viewing area
    2. charlie evans 0
      Is that area close to the dam?
    3. Ziggy Rees 0
      texas rig. about 3 or 4 feet deep
    4. charlie evans 0
      Carolina or Texas rig?
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  4. Largemouth Bass with a fluke

  5. Details: 2 lb. 6 oz. 193 in. Largemouth Bass with a fluke

    hump that has grass that is about 5 feet. fluke was the bite

Fishing Favorites

  • Species largemouth bass
  • Waterway lake nasworthy
  • Lure super fluke