1. Bow fishing is highly regulated on Tonka. Make sure you know the rules before you head out! www.tonkafishing.com

    Common Carp with a Bow Fishing

  2. Sight Fishing with Senko

    Largemouth Bass with a Seinkos on Bed

    1. Nicholas Cox 0
      Derek, send me an email nick@tonkafishing.com and I'll see what advice I can give you.
    2. Derek Legrand 0
      Ok sweet thanks! Anything in particular I should be throwing out? Or can I stick with the spinners?
    3. Nicholas Cox 0
      You can still see these fish in 8 FOW. They are in a post spawn set up right now, so check weed lines. This was in a small boat harbor on Tonka.
    4. Derek Legrand 0
      What bay were you in? I'm fishing the highschool date tournament there on Friday and any advice would be great
    5. Nicholas Cox 0
      It's pretty clear water, so stick with a more natural color and if that doesn't work, try switching it up!
    6. Nick Johnson 0
      what colors are working good right now for the worms ?
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  3. Pitch n Jig, cast with wind to cover more area.

    11 in. Black Crappie with a Northland Impulse Bros Bloodworm


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