1. Lake Michigan 39inches

    1. Ann Path 0
      Although sometimes I use shrimp. And Alwives when the water isnt too warm.
    2. Ann Path 0
      Golby. Ive gotten 5 off the pier this season so far. Wish I had more :P Been candy smoking them. Mmmm so good.
    3. Shawn Gearinger 0
      Good job!
    4. kenny thompson 0
    5. Jacob Maki 0
      nice steelie
    6. Jon Giacalone 0
    7. alan stover 0
      What did you use?
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  2. My boyfriends (David Path) catch a couple weeks ago. Good 40lb fish atleast! Took a half hour to get it in.

    catfish with a Crawler

    1. Ann Path 0
      Maybe 25.. Either way it was big, got very large catfish steaks from it.
    2. Ann Path 0
      Need a scale, probably 20ish. It was very heavy though!
    3. Aldo Gonzalez 0
      I think 40 is a little off.... But nice fish! Great job
    4. Gina Pierson 0
      40lbs is prob pushing a little, but its a great fish none the less....great job David!
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  3. About a 40lb cat my boyfriend David pulled from Indian channel a few weeks ago. Everyone on the river came to see this beauty.

  4. Nice size bullheads and flatheads have been caught from here lately. The average being 23in

    23 in. Bullhead and Catfish with a bobber and red worms

    1. Ann Path 0
      Well we have pulled 4 so far in 2 days
    2. Gina Pierson 0
      Awesome....and they said there are no bullheads in Spring Lake.....HA!...Great job guys!
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Trout
  • Waterway Indian Channel~ Grand River
  • Lure Rapala