1. Hey I found this app on your show and I'm hooked like a bass on a lure!!!! Thanks babe

    1. Babe Winkelman 0
      Enjoy, Justin. You'll find it to be a great resource. Thanks for watching and welcome to Fishidy!
  2. Details: 1 lb. 2 oz. Sunfish with a jig

    I'd have more but got kicked due to storms

  3. Fun at lavon in Wylie caught more but didn't keep

    4 lb. 1 oz. 40 in. Channel Cat And Drum with a nightcrawler

  4. Details: 4 lb. 1 oz. Channel Cat And Drum with a worm

    Caught in Wylie Texas

Fishing Favorites

  • Species cat fish
  • Waterway trinity river
  • Lure nightcrawler