1. Largemouth Bass

    1. Chris O'Neil 0
      Nice Bass!
    2. Kristie P 0
      Glen...check below comments 😀
    3. Glen Roetman 0
      Can I ask what lure you used to catch that beauty?
    4. Kristie P 0
      well..i was there wasting time just getting sunfish (on a small hook &worms) but saw him under the dock so i switched to plastic worm. he spit it out twice so ...more i put a real worm on the big hook and got him :)
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  2. Largemouth Bass

    1. Dorea Gottshall 0
      I'm going to Marsh Creek for the first time next week. Any advise?
    2. Luke Galeano 0
      I love to kayak fish for bass. Hoping to get to Marshcreek yet again for some good bass action.
    3. Rich Pardy 0
      Awesome catch and great photo!!
    4. Mike S 0
      sounds good, I will. Saw you in carpenters cove, too many people back so ended up back by dam. lake turns on around 8:30 or so.
    5. Kristie P 0
      Mike. ..yes that was me...i only got a small one that day...next time say hi :)
    6. Mike S 0
      I think I saw you and your colorful yak on Marsh on Saturday afternoon.
    7. Kyle S 0
      I sent you a follow request.
    8. Kyle S 0
      I never got a buddy request.
    9. Kristie P 0
      send me a pm or approve my buddy request and i'll msg you
    10. Kyle S 0
      Yeah I just have this on my computer lol. Could i add you on fb?
    11. Kristie P 0
      Yes...I'm liking this app better than FB...lol
    12. Kyle S 0
      Yeah I only bank fish but have not been up there yet. Do you have facebook just wondering?
    13. Kristie P 0
      A few times...do my 1st kayak tournament there on June 19th. .hoping to find him again and a few friends. The afternoon wind is crazy though
    14. Kyle S 0
      Yeah i been killing trout on the white inline spinner. You fish there a lot?
    15. Kristie P 0
      I love my white spinner bait. Every time I'm ready to switch it up I catch another one...lol
    16. Kyle S 0
      Nice catch. What did you use?
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