1. Any reports on the Bass? Im coming to fish Hartwell for the first time in about a month. What stage will the bass be in during the last week of march , first week ...more of april? Just asking because down here in south louisiana we have bass spawning now so i didnt know how far behind they will be up there. What are water temps normally?

    1. Greg Toney 0
      Matthew. Just wondering if you ever made it?
    2. matthew warden 0
      Thanks for the response! which pockets normally hold more fish than the others on the south end? the sc side or the ga side?
    3. Greg Toney 0
      Matthew, right now the lake is wide open. fish are in major spawn move since the new moon. If you saw the results from the FLW event you will see any pockets any ...more where on the lake is good. the lake is on fire this week. It really doesn't matter this week. Now in two weeks we will be past the spawn so the docks will begin to make a big target as the fish move out to rest. There will be a lull for a couple of weeks. Not saying it will be bad but it will be post spawn. It just won't be as good. But topwater should be important and we are very early spawn due to the warm weather. I suspect we may get some more spawners at the full moon this week. if you will be here on March 31 to April 3 you probably will have to deal with fish protecting spawn. Females will be very difficult to catch but the males will be protecting the babies. normally I would have expected the spawn to be a little later. Main lake near dam will be later on the nooks and points that way but the way things are moving I think every bass in lake is shallow on this full moon. Sorry.
    4. matthew warden 0
      I hear the bass are moving up! What are some good pockets to look in first?
    5. Greg Toney 0
      I am headed down this week and will do a little fishing so I will see water temps and color. Typically mid lake northeast coves warm first. We seem to get some warm ...more days and nights so the fish movement should be quick with warming trend. Say from Portman marina to confluence of Seneca and Tugaloo. Would try Beaverdam and little Beaverdam. If it warms enough then the flats in the very back of the creeks should see spawning if warm enough.
    6. matthew warden 0
      thanks greg! what area of the lake warms the fastest? down here the south east side warms faster, then the north will catch up and surpass the south about 2 weeks ...more later. are there any areas i need to concentrate on? and im only asking for general areas. it specific spots. such as north, south east, etc. or maybe like the tug creek arm,etc.
    7. Greg Toney 0
      Matthew water temperature was in high 40s late last week with cold snap. I expect temps to be rising this week. Expect bass should be pre spawn to spawn when you ...more arrive.
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  2. Whats the bass doing on Hartwell? Im coming from south louisiana in about a month to fish it for the first time just trying to figure out where I need to start looking. ...more Any advice is much appreciated.

    1. matthew warden 0
      thanks todd! ill hit the water on the 4th. Are there any particular pockets in the Tugaloo arm that are normally better than others?
    2. Todd Stevens 0
      Sorry if this might have been late
    3. Todd Stevens 0
      I found bass in pockets in 3 to 8 feet of water. I fish the Tugaloo arm, so I don't know how fast the main lake warms.
    4. matthew warden 0
      thanks todd! any particular areas produce better than others? what part of the lake will warm the fastest? i know some pockets are going to always warm before others ...more do.
    5. Todd Stevens 0
      The fish will likely be in a prespawn. If water temps are are around 50 degrees the bass will be on points and can be caught with balsa cranks like a shad rap and ...more jerkbaits like a clown or glass ghost X Rap Deep. When the water reaches 53 degrees, they will move up on secondary points and gradually make their way up to spawning pockets. Most fish spawn at 60 degrees. Use lots of search baits (preferably crawfish colored square bills and red eyes) to locate fish and then slow down to a Carolina rig or jig. Havoc sick fish swimbaits shine during the spawn.
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Im coming to the Lake of the Ozarks for thr first time October 17th. What techniques and locations would be best to try first? Im just trying to figure out a game ...more plan to catch a few good fish. Thanks!

    1. Eddie Goode 0
      Your welcome Matthew. Hope it helps. Goode Luck
    2. matthew warden 0
      Eddie Goode i appreciate that info! Believe me i know how valuable waypoints are, thanks
    3. matthew warden 0
      you guys are awesome! thanks!
    4. Darrell Cook 0
      Current water temp was 77-78 degrees at the 2 - 4mm of the main channel.
    5. Darrell Cook 0
      Try Football head, Shaky Head with either a green pumpkin senko or a red shad 10 in power worm (with about 2 in off of head) work on bottom in between 2-8 foot of ...more water near deep water. Preferably a medium size flat near deep water. I have had this work the best from the dam to the 6mm and up the Gravois. Caught one 3lb and one 5 lb on Sunday 09/27 in about 3 hrs.
    6. Eddie Goode 0
      38.31883 -92.80117
      38.31902 -92.80025
      38.31948 -92.79902
      38.31981 -92.80507
      38.31878 -92.80736
      38.31427 -92.8083
      38.31321 -92.80836
      Here ...more are some of my locations to try.
    7. Eddie Goode 0
      Smoke color grubs or senkos around docks work well.
    8. matthew warden 0
      would it be better to go up above the niangua arms or stay back in the glaize or gravois arm?
    9. Dylan O'Neal 0
      Use lures that imitate shad that is what everything is feeding on. if you can find a school of feeding fishing throw your bait on the edges of the school of shad ...more that's where they will be.
    10. matthew warden 0
      thats awesome!
    11. Al Kimsey 0
      I stayed recently for a week and was in the downing branch cove. I caught several lmb in the 2-3 lbs range and one was 6-7. Mostly in coves where the water transitioned ...more from shallow to deep (8-10 ft). Some were on shad colored crankbaits, some on sexy shad spinnerbaits. I caught the big one under a dock on a grn/brn jig. Had a great week hope you do the same.
      Also caught a lot of spotted bass. They were biting whatever was moving.
      Good luck.
    12. matthew warden 0
      ok thanks! what do you think the water temp will be in 3-4 weeks? will the shad be starting to move back out or still be back in these coves?
    13. Cody Reeves 0
      We caught 9 today. Only three keepers. Fish in the coves where the wind is blowing in and you can see the shad. Find a point in one of these coves. Texas rigged ...more creature baits were working too. Or something on a shakey head jig.
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