1. Yesterday On The Des Plaines River just under 10 lbs

  2. Just over 10 lbs Braidwood Lake back in June

  3. 1st place Lake Calumet just over 13 lbs

  4. Big Girl This Morning Des Plaines River

  5. Kankakee River This morning Des Plaines Conservation Area
    2.75 lbs

  6. Our 1st Tournament Anglers’s Dream At Braidwood Lake.

  7. Braidwood Lake a few weeks ago 5.22 lbs

  8. Anglers’s Dream Tournament last Sunday Braidwood Lake 10.15 lbs

  9. last Friday was Illinois High School Sectionals were my partner Brett & I coach, and we took 1st place ! very proud of are Bass Fishing Team, Reed Custer Casting ...more Comets.

  10. Happy Hookers Open Tournament on April 3rd Joe & I Took 2nd place with 9.94 lbs. & won $1,200.00

    Largemouth Bass

    1. Bill M 0
      Ha! Long shot, I know. Okay how about: north or south? Hot or cold side? I've never broke the 15" mark at Braidwood, any tips?
    2. mark stewart 0
      none of the above
    3. Bill M 0
      Were you grinding jigs on the shoreline or bombing cranks???
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