1. Tog action is fast and furious right now! Green crabs are free onboard, and white leggers are $6/dozen. Buy a dozen to start and get more if needed. My dad and I ...more caught nine on green crabs, and 14 on white leggers.

    7 lb. Tautog with a white leg crab

  2. We caught about 20 porgies on the Island Current II. Lots of fun. We did about an hour or so of rigging as well, but only a few keepers were boated. Great boat!

    2 lb. Porgy with a clams

    1. Jonathan Chin 0
      We traveled east almost to Norwalk. Bottom was strewn with some rocks or structure. Some people brought sandworms, but I don't think they did significantly better. ...more Some people kept everything. My father and I only kept what we were going to eat or share. We threw back many legal keepers, and opted to keep the bigguns.