1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Two Saturday ago I fished Bachman Lake for 2-3 hours for the first time and found the finesse technique weightless senko was catching fish left and right. I caught ...more six bass this one being the biggest in 2-5 fow. I had at least 4 others on and a couple more bites. It was pretty windy and cloudy for the first hour. Comment what you think it weighs. Didn't have a scale with me but I think it 5 pounds

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Chartreuse spinnerbait | st. Croix Mojo Bass rod | shimano curado 200gs baitcast reel | 12 pound flourocarbon

    Haven't posted anything in a while but these are two small lmb that I caught on a spinnerbait slow retrieve of the kayak to weekends ago. It was pretty sunny ...more out middle of the day and early morning in about 2-3 fow. Moderately stained water with about a foot to 1 1/2 foot of visibility. Can't wait to get the mom next time and have a real good fight

  3. Details: Blue Catfish with a Full hot dog | jug lines | 80 lb braid | 3/0 hook

    Fishing in 15-20 ft of water with @SharkCatcher on kayaks. It was raining all day and was about 40 degrees. We caught 4 fish this one coming a close second in size.

  4. Merry Christmas Everyone

  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Watermelon candy 3 in | shaky head | mojo bass 7ft rod | shimano curado 200gs reel

    Fishing with @SharkCatcher at glen rose state park. The water was pretty low and all of the bass were pretty small like the one in the picture. About 1-2 feet of ...more water. In total I caught this bass and my record green sunfish. @sharkcatcher caught a bass just a little bit larger and didn't get a pick because we forgot our phones in our tents.

    1. Tripp Cave 0
      Yah all of them had that color but I don't know why @j_lope82
    2. j_lope82 0
      The orange eyes, those are cool.
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Casting net

    5-7 FOW with @SharkCatcher We were fishing for a monster white carp at least 3' long. When the graham cracker bag fell in the water I casted for it and came ...more up with this largemouth bass and a big sunfish that was a reddish brown color. Overall we had a great time and @SharkCatcher got a nice 19" carp.

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      Check ours out? Link on profile
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    4. Tripp Cave 0
      No but I am thinking of getting one
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      Nice fish man! Do you have a youtube??
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  7. I was going bass fishing with @SharkCatcher and we ran across a small perch pond about 10 feet away from Joe Pool Lake. There was a big variety of small and big ...more species of sunfish. The water was only 1-2 feet and I caught this one in 1 fow. The different types of sunfish were fun to catch but next time I will have to go back with a fly rod to have more of a fight. A good chance that there is bass.

    Longear Sunfish with a Smoke sausage | Small size 10 gold light wire hook | 12 lb fluorocarbon | Shimano Curado 200gs bait casting reel | St. Croix Mojobass rod

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      It's a pretty nice pond I think it might have bass also @WillSargent
    2. WillSargent 0
      I've been to that pond before
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    5. jurssica 0
      Pretty fish!
    6. Tripp Cave 0
    7. Tripp Cave 0
      Yeah pretty good but I don't know until I go back with a a fly rod
    8. Tim Knecht 0
      Great looking fish. Sounds like you found a killer spot!
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Fineness watermelon worm | shaky head | 12 lb fluorocarbon | mojo bass st. Croix | shimano curado 200 gs

    Went out with my brother @SharkCatcher on kayaks for 2 hours the past weekend. Saw a few shad jumping and threw rattle traps and buzz baits without any luck nearing ...more the end we started to through worms and I caught this guy in about 20 fow. It was extremely sunny and hot. This is my first fish off of a kayak and first largemouth bass off of the combo that I am using.

  9. Details: Green Sunfish with a Small chartreuse craw pattern | big sparkling egg fly with rubber legs | hand tied pink San Juan worm | copper john nymph | elk hair caddis ...more | Redington crosswaters 5wt 9' 6" fly rod | 5x leader

    Went out again with @SharkCatcher but this time I had more flies and we both had fly rods. 1-4 fow half and half shade. We fished for around 2 and a half hours and ...more I pulled in 25 this one being the biggest. (it are the big egg fly) Fun day over all and lost all the flies that I listed.

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      Oh ok thx @Mason_Cizek
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      Also like to add that the blue line under the eye also gives away a green sunfish
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      Thx @Mason_Cizek
    4. Mason Cizek 0
      Notice the fins near the back on the bottom? See how they have a orange or yellow outlining dead giveaway of a greenie
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    6. Tripp Cave 0
      Look closely under his eye if it is a green sunfish then correct me again and I will change it @wyldechylde77 @Texas_Slam
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      I am pretty Shure it is a blue gill because it has a blue stripe coming from its mouth towards its gills
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      Nice @bigfish101
    9. Mason Cizek 0
      Green sunfish, nice one too
    10. bigfish101 0
      I have the same fly rod
    11. Texas_Slam 0
      Oh that's a bluegill.
    12. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Nice job, it's. Green Sunfish though bud 😉
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  10. Details: Green Sunfish with a Whooly bugger | Redington 5 wt rod and reel | 5x tippet and leader

    A few days ago my brother @SharkCatcher had a lot of luck with salmon eggs catching about twenty but I on the other hand with my fly rod had one fish because of ...more the loss of two egg flies to trees and only having a whooly bugger.