1. great 20 min fight big fish

    60 lb. 2 oz. shark bait with a live pinfish

  2. great day caught 4 monsters 6 pikes

    7 lb. 4 oz. 20 in. Largemouth Bass with a 8in shad rapala

  3. decent red bite was hot a lot of under sized red but ran into some nice gags and some nice hogfish

    Red Grouper with a sardines

  4. beaches at dawn around 5:30 am throw a buck tail then no luck throw out live pilchard and shrimp and look for the bait on top of the water soon as u see that watcha ...more nd waith for the monster and that drag scream action

  5. try beaches at dawn around 5:30 catch live bait pilchard shrimp go to beach look for bait throw your line in to it and enjoy the drag scream of that big 30lb snook


love snook fishing off beaches with Bucktails and live greenbacks incredible fish great fight great taste and a beautiful fish and the feeling ...more when u land a big one I love the feeling

Fishing Favorites

  • Species snook
  • Waterway pass a grill beach/gulf inter coastal
  • Lure red and white 7in bomber