1. My oldest son Ryan with a nice one one this trip as well.

    16 in. Small Mouth with a Pumpkin Green Worm

    1. David Ely 0
      Sometimes i don't read
    2. David Ely 0
      Nice...what you catch it on?
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  2. Just after a set of rapids spilling into a rock walled hole.

    16 in. Small Mouth with a Chartreuse pepper worm

  3. 2 lb. Smallmouth Bass with a Plastic Worm

    1. David Ely 0
      Nice smally. !!
    2. Sammy Young 0
      Good info, thanks!
    3. James Ely 0
      Just below the Riverside Bridge.
    4. Sammy Young 0
      Nice catch! Were you above or below the dam?
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Small mouth
  • Waterway Buffalo River
  • Lure Plastic worms