1. 16" black caught on jig n crawler, pic doesn't do it justice!

    1. Matt Rienstra 0
      I left yesterday, water temp was getting near 60 in some bays but in general was 57-59. Level was still about 2' below summer pool but heard it is slowly coming ...more up. Guys running spider rigs were having better luck than us but still was kinda hit n miss.
    2. joseph patrick 0
      Is the water up from normal pool. What's the water temperature. Going to be coming down in three weeks but I go further south into Tennessee
    3. Matt Rienstra 0
      That one and a 13" on white jig n minnow was all we got. Cats were hitting everything!
    4. joseph patrick 0
      Nice Croppie Matt hope you're putting more in the box.
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  2. Staying near Moors and fishing Fri and Sat, first time here for Spring Crappie!! Any tips or spots would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

    1. joseph patrick 0
      Awesome hope you're Filling the box up. Have fun
    2. Matt Rienstra 0
      Got a 16" today on a night crawler and pink jig of all things!
    3. Matt Besch 0
      Coming down tomorrow to Shawnee Bay Resort
    4. joseph patrick 0
      Never finished up at Moore's always fish down further south in Tennessee. Be going down the middle of May. Good fishing put up a report hope you do well
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