1. Almost took my rod with it

    Channel Catfish with a cut tilapia

    1. Eliseo Gonzales 0
      Nice cat
  2. Never had to set the hook

    Channel Catfish with a Cut perch

  3. Headed out to claveras this afternoon. Looking for anything to bite. Will keep you posted.

  4. 32.5 inch red

    32.5 in. Red Drum with a Rat l trap

    1. Skip Traeger 0
      looks real good - little hot out, but can see their still going after em
  5. Heading out to Calaveras tonight. Going to try some eavning Reds n striper n cats.

  6. Nice cat on cut bluegill

    Blue Catfish with a Cut Bluegill

  7. Several 8-14" reds. Worked reed beds looking for bass. No bass caught.

    Red Drum with a 6" twirl tail worm

    1. GARY WIGLEY 0
      Nice RED, more then I caught at Choke today..
  8. 28" 12lb Red Drum. Chartreuse crank bait

    1. Anastacio Leal 0
      I've marked hot spots I fish at as well as baits on the maps. Once the fish finder locates the fish for me I slow troll or anchor into school. Don't let ...more the pics deceive you. I've gone home skunked many a nights.
    2. Sir James Bond 0
      Good Day Anastacio, I have recently relocated from Tampa Florida to San Antonio. It looks like you know all the hot spots. Would it be possible to show me the ropes ...more here in Texas. We can meet-up. And I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your quick reply. And enjoy the rest of your day. Sincerely, Stephen
    3. Skip Traeger 0
      Knock em out!
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  9. 11 blue cats 2 channel on bottom Carolina rigs.

    Blue Catfish with a Fresh shad

    1. Anastacio Leal 0
      I'll be back out this coming weekend. Good luck at Braunig.
    2. Skip Traeger 0
      I was thinking of trying out Calaveras next week (it's been a while) after I fish Braunig a few times this week - maybe see you out there.
    3. Anastacio Leal 0
      Haven't tried jugs yet. Was a good confidence builder after a skunked day lol.
    4. Skip Traeger 0
      Like that catch - have you tried jug fishing for the cats?
    5. Rocky s 0
      nice catches.
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  10. 7 reds

    Red Drum with a Chartreuse cranks and rat traps

    1. Skip Traeger 0
      Some really nice Reds- glad to see chartreuse is working again. Maybe see you out there next week.


Retired military. Grew up fishing RGV canals.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Anything that'll bite.
  • Waterway Braunig Lake, Calaveras Lake, medina Lake, Choke Canyon
  • Lure Soft plastics, Crank bait, ratLtrap, fresh shad and cut bait