1. Lilly Pads in Goose Pond

    3 lb. Largemouth Bass with a LiveTarget Black Hollow Body Frog

    1. Floyd Odom 0
      What do you catch it on Mark
    2. Mark Lisenby 0
      Caught it around 8:30 am
    3. Zane Hall 0
      Very nice Mark! Goose Pond shallow mostly? What time did you get it?
    4. Mark Lisenby 0
      Blackest-colored bass I have ever caught...a "resident" Goose Pond inhabitant.
    5. Eddie Goode 0
      nice gunter fish
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  2. 5 lb. 12 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Red Buzz Bait

    1. Bobby Rivers 0
      Nice Hog
    2. tim noles 0
      looks good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. Rick Hunt 0
    4. Jon Giacalone 0
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  3. 2 lb. Spotted Bass with a Rapala Lipless Crank Bail

    1. Mark Lisenby 0
      A little thin but fought like a five pounder!
  4. Details: 3 lb. Large Mouth Bass with a Rapala Scatter Rap


  5. Rock ledge

    6 lb. 8 oz. Large Mouth Bass with a 1/2 Ounce Matzuo Silver Black Back Rattle Eye Joe

    1. Dave Brown 0
      Thanks for the great info, good luck.
    2. Mark Lisenby 0
      Yes. It appears they are off bed at Lake West Point.
    3. Dave Brown 0
      wow great fish!! did it appear that she had spawned yet?
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  6. 3 lb. Large Mouth Bass with a H2O Top Water Popper

    1. Jaime Florez 0
      Thanks for the information Mark. I think I will go to the city hall to check that out.
    2. Mark Lisenby 0
      Yes there is. If you are a resident of Opelika and are on city water the permit is $50 per year, I believe, which includes the right to launch your boat. If you ...more are not a resident, the permit is substantially more. this permit is valid from September through August.
    3. Jaime Florez 0
      Nice catch Mark! Do you know if there is a special permit\license required to fish in this lake (I mean, ontop of the state fishing license)?
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  7. Goose Pond top water action

    5 lb. Large Mouth Bass with a Ribbit Frog

    1. Eston Hall 0
      Yeah I guess it is pretty fat
    2. Mark Lisenby 0
      Oh but it was. Or at least that's what my Rapala digital scale told me.
    3. Eston Hall 0
      Doesn't look 5 pounds
    4. Tony Posey 0
      Nice catch!
    5. Jim Crowell 0
      nice bass!
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  8. Goose Pond Colony campgrounds

    5 lb. 9 oz. Large Mouth Bass with a Cordele Spot

  9. 2 lb. Large Mouth Bass with a Rat-L-Trap

  10. Bouncing lure off brush/bottom created reaction strike.

    3 lb. Large Mouth Bass with a Chartreuse Green Broke-Back Rapala


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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Bass
  • Waterway Guntersville
  • Lure Cordele Spots/Rat-L-Trap