1. 3lbs biggest ever caught at glenmeare lake, ny at 5:30 pm on May 25, 2015 with top water booyah buzz bait! FYI I post like this due to glenmeare lake not on fishidy ...more yet? :)

  2. I caught the smallest bass ever! So cute, I called lil B! Well I yet to catch a 10 pounder, but I guess I can brag I caught an ouncer! Do u think it can be the winner ...more of the week (bragging board)?

  3. Wondering is purchasing app worth it! Im noticing not much in orange county ny w site or any site! Ny very strict or lakes to far. I was also diagnosed at young ...more age with serve rhuematoid arthritis which also has hinder my hiking. Which means missing out on those hidden gems! So if anyone knows or would like to share of any lakes ponds in orange county ny goshen area. boat trailer only ny strict crazy and Cripple friendly fishing areas parks etc, I do see some my area lakes on site as well as other sites and have been to some of listing lakes, though Really want to discover new places. Thanks.

  4. I caught these four lil guys 2 lbs or under at a large farm pond with a boo ya small buzz bait in a matter 20 min. Got it on go pro :) edit soon post :) In Chester, ...more Ny. Catch and release! Luv top water! Ny is so strict in how where what when it comes to out doors totally opposite from rest of planet!

  5. Second bass same top water at glenmeare lake, ny

  6. She wouldn't give it a kiss, not even for the great Jimmy Houston!

    One out of the Small bass but was caught on my new Livingston top water pro sizzler jr, ...more has bait sound in the lure! Totally recommend!

  7. 2.3 lbs but long girl, fat but not too fat! Glenmeare lake, ny
    Bit hard with selfie pole broken lol


Luv fishing, photography art, painting, motor cycles and animals! Especially my three dogs! Know, share, enjoy life w best guy, Scott! Captain ...more of my Smoker Craft 140 Pro mag called The pirate dawg!

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Bass, perch, crappie, pan fishing, trout, walleye
  • Lure Top water, crank, jerks, jigs, spinners, worms wacky & shaky!