1. Blue Catfish with a gizzard shad

    1. Zach Stewart 0
      your right.
    2. Christopher Fidler 0
      might be a little blue cat. excellent catch.
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  2. Common Carp with a Cast Net (oops)

  3. Channel Catfish with a gizzard shad

  4. accidentally left the trap in the water for a week and a half pulled it out today and found this along with a crawfish two small crappie and an inch catfish fingerling. ...more If you know what this is please comment!

    3 in. Log Perch with a minnow trap

    1. Angie Miller 0
      I saw one of those this morning while fishin'. It tripped me out!
  5. Trolling along the central eastern bank

    Sand Bass with a rattle trap

  6. Thought it was a hybrid

    Drum with a live minnows