1. A little diver I tied for bluegill it's only a 1-1/2" long so it's really small It was a pain trying to put the deer hair on that hook in layers on ...more top of each it took 18 min to complete but it's finally done I think it looks legit

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    2. Colby Teall 0
      That's awesome
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  2. This one is a small clouser minnow but on this one I try to be crated and tied a small treble hook in the back hope it works for panfish ;)

    1. nathaniel jones 0
      Look at my pics of my fly fishing
  3. For the one who thought the pic was photoshop I use a app call camara plus to edit my pics before a post them

  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a hyper lizard

  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a hyper lizard

    2-1/2 pounds 22" nice healthy bass

  6. Details: Channel Catfish with a sudden impact

    Finally cough the little baster that was nibbling my bait took 30 min but I gave him the scare of his life now were even :) so I let him go that'll teach him

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      @bassfisha_turkeymauler @fishing_hunting
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      I'll post the real pic I took before I edited the pic y'all can see it in the rest of my pics @bassfisha-turkeymauler @ fishing_hunting
    3. dsones 0
      @BassFisha_TurkeyMauler @fishing_hunting I think it's just the effect, you can see the reflection
    4. fishing_hunting 0
      Ya I agree with @BassFisha_TurkeyMauler
    5. Photoshopped
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  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a hyper lizard

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      Ok thanks
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      Its calles CAMARA+ it's a filter it makes pictures more bright color and high definition
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      Of defiantly what app is that @VenumLures
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      Ohhh ok I know what Photoshop mean but I thinks it looks cool don't y'all think
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      @bassfisha_turkeymauler what do you guys mean by photoshopped
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      Awesome pic
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      @BassFisha_TurkeyMauler Why do you think it's photoshopped?
    9. @mullethead dude this is photoshopped
    10. Photoshopped
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a hyper lizard

    1. Calvin Fease 0
      @BassFisha_TurkeyMauler it's just brightened and contrast-enhanced. Not photoshopped at all.
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      @BassFisha_TurkeyMauler how is this photoshoped
    3. @mullethead this is photoshopped
    4. Photoshopped
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  9. This guy ate the whole worm and took of with it so I let it swim away for a second or two before I set the hook

    1. LautaroF 0
      Awesome pic!!!
    2. Mario Carrillo 0
      @j_reyes I'm sorry it's not a hyper freak it's a jackall flick and shake it's specially made for wacky rig but I just Texas rid it
    3. Mario Carrillo 0
      @gr82bstr8 I have no idea what kind of hook that is I just have a bunch of them in my tackle backpack but they work really good @ CALVINFEASE seems to know a little ...more more about them then I do
    4. Mario Carrillo 0
      @j_reyes if your talking about the soft plastic it's a hyper freak from lake fork they are amazing the tail action that they have is insane
    5. Calvin Fease 0
      @gr82bstr8 it's a discontinued Mustad. I was lucky to find them on clearance.
    6. Calvin Fease 0
      I seem to get 2-3x the durability because I don't have to constantly re-rig the plastics. Every time it slides up or down the line, the plastic tears as you ...more try to re-rig.
    7. gr82bstr8 0
      What kind of hook is that? @CalvinFease @mario031288
    8. Mario Carrillo 0
      @calvinfease yes they are but when ever bass hit them hard they tend to tear the worm from the tip but it's worth it
    9. j_reyes 0
      what's that on the hook
    10. Mario Carrillo 0
      @texas_fish thanks man
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      Cool pic
    12. Calvin Fease 0
      Those are great hooks.
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