1. Sunken tree in a mini cove. Plenty of overhead shade from trees on upper bank.

    Natural Structure

    1. Matt Bruns 0
      Can you catch anything at the banks of the Verdigris River?
    2. Kevin Walk 0
      depends how much water is being let out of Oologah Dam. This particular spot however, (Bluff Landing) a trolling motor will work just fine any day.
    3. Nick Bagnaro 0
      Do you need a large motor for the verdigris or is a trolling motor sufficient?
    4. Guy Scott 0
      Hold it right
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  2. Details: 20 in. Largemouth Bass with a Plastics

    Still Prespawn

  3. Details: Melton Pond


    1. Nathan Tronnier 0
  4. Details: Copperfield Pond

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