1. Hard fishing with the south wind!!!

    9 lb. 2 oz. 29 in. Northern Snakehead

    1. Sonny Newman 0
      Hey man its Sonny Newman I was just on the site fucking around and saw your glorious ass how have you been nice snake head by the way I'm just working for the ...more same union give me a call at4436190490
    2. Fred Villatoro 0
      Nice catch!
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  2. GNARLY!!!

    Northern Snakehead with a Eeliminator

    1. Chris Evans 0
      They look like a snake....fight like a Pitbull...and taste like filet mignon!!!
    2. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Now that is a crazy looking fish. Nice catch!
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  3. Details: Shitty Docks

    As soon as u launch...Head East!!! Get away from the city!!!

    1. Keeganz Papa 0
      If I put a canoe in there, and went downriver fishing, is the current too strong to get back? I just moved into the area and not familiar with the river but it ...more excites me. Would I be able to the same at Little Falls boat launch? Thanks
  4. This wind is killing me!!! Hard to control the boat with 15 mph winds!!!

  5. Badass!!!

    14 lb. 36 in. Northern Snakehead with a Eeliminator

    1. Chris Evans 0
      Weeds with timber...slow roll...seems to be working!!!
    2. Morgan Larochelle 0
      What part of Aquia? I went out this past Saturday and only had one snakehead bite on a black and red buzz bait around 7:15 pm I'd love to get into some snakeheads ...more like you've been catching!
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  6. They are warming up!!!!

    7 lb. 27 in. Northern Snakehead with a In-Line Spinnerbait

  7. Slow rolling a lipless crank bait along a weedline

    Northern Snakehead with a Lure

  8. First reptile of 2015!!!!

    Northern Snakehead

    1. Chris Evans 0
      1/4 oz rattle trap
    2. Morgan Larochelle 0
      Why did ya get it on?!
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Northern Snakehead/Blue Catfish
  • Waterway Potomac River Tributaries/Rappahannock River