1. Details: 1 lb. 5 oz. 14 in. Channel Catfish with a small minnows/worms

    Caught catfish at two feet and off bottom at eight feet. Fishing turn on as storms rolled through. Caught three crappie shallow late in afternoon starting around ...more 04:00 pm. Fished Captain cove Marina boat slips. Fishing tough today! End of day we had two keeper catfish that I released back. No luck on jigs. Water stained!

  2. Caught lots of under 10 inch crappie. Only caught three keeps. On was a slab.

    9 in. Black Crappie with a small minnows

  3. Landed 7 and five were slabs. Lost at less 4

    Black Crappie with a small Minnie's

    1. Bruce Fry 0
      Thanks, nice catch. Good luck this week.
    2. Timothy Scott 0
      Boat slip
    3. Erni Tucker 0
      Bank of Boat fishing..Great Job!
    4. Timothy Scott 0
      Captain cove marina
    5. Bruce Fry 0
      Where about on Hubbard?
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  4. Details: 9 oz. 14 in. White Crappie with a medium minnows

    Caught one descent crappie. Over all got several missed bites. All at Captain cove marina. Bite turned off at 05:00 pm. Caught a bunch of bream on worms and a few ...more crappie on worms

  5. Casting into slips at captain cove marina. Caught a two pound channel catfish. Also caught a lot of small bass with worms and medium minnows

    2 lb. 4 oz. Large Mouth Bass with a medium minnow

  6. Details: 2 lb. Channel Catfish with a worms/minnows

    Caught three keeper catfish. Gut on one was huge. They are getting ready for winter. Seeing bass schooling

  7. Found a boat slip with bream staked in it. Fished with bobber and tight line. Caught the two pounder though in ten feet tight line. Best bite in morning and slowed ...more around 07:00 pm.

    2 lb. 2 oz. Channel Catfish with a worms

    1. don taylor 0
      love it!!!
  8. my girlfriend and I fished yesterday evening from 03:30 pm till 08:00 pm. Bite turned on about 05:30 in about 10 feet of water. She caught about 12 channel catfish ...more and 6 Bream on Worms. We were fishing a boat slip and using earthworms on the bottom. A few were caught on cork setup

    1. Timothy Scott 0
      Lake Ray Hubbard
  9. Cork small hook and weight light line. Dock demon Rod and reel combo my girl friend fishing buddy caught it

    1 lb. 5 oz. Channel Catfish with a minnow

  10. Same as the 16 pounder I posted

    11 lb. Smallmouth Buffalo with a earthworm

Fishing Favorites

  • Species catfish and crappie
  • Waterway Fairfield and lake Ray Hubbard
  • Lure worms minnows jigs