1. Nice "Pickler" caught while on a long weekend trip to the Wild Wumpus by Gordon, WI.

    Northern Pike

  2. Love Ice Fishing catching those big "Hump Back" Gills!


  3. 13" Black Crappie caught on Hemlock using a old Dot brown/yellow ice jig tipped with a chunk of red dyed Beaver Tail.

    13 in. Black Crappie with a Dot Ice Jig/Red Beavertail

    1. Dakota Hmielewski 0
      Hey joe was wondering if you had caught more crappies that day. Tryin to get me on some crappies this year.
    2. Dakota Hmielewski 0
      Hey joe was wondering if you had caught more crappies that day. Tryin to get me on some crappies this year.
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  4. 3/29/19, 13" Crappie CPR, Red Cedar Chain, Northwest Wisconsin.
    Gotta luv last ice!!!

  5. Oh, here's a pic(my tracking service ad) of my best friend and tracking dog, Coco!!! He love's to know in his dog's mind that he is famous and me posting ...more his picture's for him on social media. Lol, "WOOF WOOF"!!! He's never let me fish alone when I've asked him to go.

  6. 12 1/2" Krappie(lol). Looks bigger from close up pic!!! Late afternoon outing going solo with my tracking dog, Coco, after having a Stroke this past November. ...more Amazing what "Ice Fishing" alone with man's best friend does for the mind, body and soul!!!

    Black Crappie with a Custom Jigs/4mm Red glow Tungsten Jig with molded pink/glow mousie tail from the old Falls Bait Company from Chippewa Falls, WI.

    1. Nice Joe.
    2. GOOD JOB JOE.
    3. Barry Crowell 0
      Can anyone help me, I trying to figure the location of Pigs Bay. Thanks
    4. Dalton Wisocky 0
      Can you mark it on the map were you caught it?
    5. Dalton Wisocky 0
    6. Joe Shock 0
      Right in the corner of the mouth!!!
    7. Dalton Wisocky 0
      were on Willow #2?
    8. Joe Shock 0
      Actually told a Fisherman's Lie, I got it on the Willow #2
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  7. Got out this late afternoon on my homebody of water(Holcombe Flowage, WI.) and manged to get a few nice Krappie(lol). Felt good to go solo just me and my tracking ...more dog, Coco, after having a Stroke this past November.

    FISHON !!! (I think I might of been one of a few that used that phrase many years ago, see many anglers use it now for their handles and social media sayings) Hmm..wonder if a person would of got a patent on that phrase associated with a brand or product if he'd/she be rich??? Lol, just kidding.

    Yes, I'm loosing weight and keeping my blood pressure managed. Just thought I'd add that since I hate how "chubby faced" I look in the pic holding that "chubby 12 1/2" Krappie).

  8. Finally after having a Stroke November 24th and getting out a limited amount of time's since, I was able to get on a decent Gill bite today and yesterday. Felt ...more good!!! Son and his gf pictured along with my Granddog "Roscoe" P Cotrain!!! Packing up, Son got this nice Northern on his jigging rod.

    1. Joe Shock 0
      Thing is I tried to teach my son the Art of being like his Old Man and his fish catching capabilities, but guess he'll never listen or watch. LOL.
    2. Joe Shock 0
      Amen to that Jame's.
    3. james hanson 0
      awsome job nothing heals better then the great outdoors
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  9. ***NOTE***
    In regards to my last post you can go to In-Depth Outdoors where I post to see reply's and comments. At this time and on Fishidy I no longer will ...more be replying/commenting back on my issues and complaints against Nil Master's USA, Inc. I'm not one to carry on with my issues/complaints to plainly create arguments among fellow Anglers and Sportsmen. My post about Nils Master USA, Inc. and dealings I felt was more of a Consumer Awareness Notice to all Ice Anglers and the buying/usage of their products.

    1. Christopher Pereira 0
      Thanks for the heads up
  10. #1802257
    Ordered a New Nils 6″ Trekker and a 14″ extension direct from Brian Casavant of Nils Master USA last winter. My nightmare’s started not long after usage ...more with my cordless drill. First to go wrong was the drill adapter piece broke. Brian Casavant of Nils when called just happened to have “ONE” new one left and was shipped to me. Brian said their job shop Welders had received later than normal orders on this piece, hence a inner weld was missing or not done on some of the drill adapters(hmm…does my replacement have a missing weld too???) Secondly, I go to put on my 14″ extension and practically had to get a bearing or pully puller to seperate my main extension to fit in the 14″ extension. So, Brian Casavant of Nils excuses for this were some over spray paint had happened on my model and the tube wall thickness wasn’t to specks. Okay fine, finally with my dad helping and block and tackle were able to get it apart. Thirdly, Nils uses Wing Nuts and Bolts to fasten together there auger sections, drill adapters and blades. Yeah, you should check tightness after every use, but I was told again by Brian Casavant of Nils Masters USA. that when your drill a hole the Wing Nuts/Bolts are designed to self tighten!!! Hmm..I drilled some holes and went to drill another and no blades!!! Over a $60 part to re-order from Nils. Good thing I found my blade section half way down the hole before using some anglers underwater camera to search for it in 18 feet of water! Fourthly, and still hadn’t drilled many hole’s with my new setup and go to drill a hole and the main auger section isn’t spinning. Then inner weld on that section breaks. So call Brian Casavant again who won’t speak to me at this point or reply back to my emails, finally tells me I’ll have to wait until September 2018 till Nils Masters “NEW” and “IMPROVED” auger will be available to receive my main replacement.auger section.
    At this point I requested a full refund under the Nils Warranty(Attached) and gladly ship my “NEW” and obviously defective Nils 6″ Trekker and 14″ extension back to Nils Master USA, granted they pay for shipping because I already paid for it once when I ordered the auger. Brian Casavant of NIls told me they couldn’t do that and under their Warranty they can only send me the “NEW” and “IMPROVED” main auger section. WTF???? Sorry my abbreviations, but that’s not what my Warranty Card clearly State’s(#2 on Warranty Card). If I had bought it from a retailer, a retailer would of gladly taken the auger back and refunded me my purchase price.

    September 2018 has come and gone now. September 4th I sent Brian Casavant of Nils Master USA, VA and email again asking for a full refund and no reply ever came back yet. Two days later I sent another and final email to Nils Masters USA, VA and still never got a reply back even though Brian Casavant and one other are the only people who work for Nils Master USA. Nils Augers are all Job Shopped out and made else where. I don’t think Brian Casavant and his counterpart even assemble, package and ship Nils products out.

    So what are my options now to get a full refund for my defective Nils Auger? Maybe that main Auger section will show up before needing my auger, but what about my blades now that are dull because the rest of the auger failed at time’s during limited usage? Two weeks ago I filed a complaint with the BBB that covers those eastern states and NIls Master USA replied back to them with a section of their Warranty, failing to show the BBB #2 on my Warranty Card, that this was the way Nils Limited 2 year Warranty operates and replaces defective parts up to a 2 years and that my experiences with my “NEW” NIls 6″ Trekker Auger was due to improper usage. WTF??? Sorry again for my abbreviation, but how can miss welds and obviously poor weld jobs done by Nils welders be “IMPROPER USAGE” on my behalf? The BBB is a joke also, never contact them because they don’t protect or side with the Consumer.

    Any positive feedback would be appreciated. I don’t know what I can do from this point. Last Spring I thought about filing a Small Claims and after finding out what it cost to do so, figured even if I would win a Small Claims, I would be out of money on the deal. Hire a Lawyer? Hmm..more money that I don’t have to get one. If anybody thinks I’m in the wrong about my individual experience with my Nils Auger, call the store manger of Marine General in Duluth, MN and ask him how many of their customers returned Nils Ice Augers last Winter.

    1. Garrett Isaacson 0
      you got hosed


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