1. 2 lb. Channel Catfish with a worms

  2. Anybody in the Jackson,ms area know any good spots on the Ross barnet reservoir to catch some big cats!!!!!!

  3. 2 lb. Channel Catfish with a worms

    1. Sasha Tuttle 0
      great eater size
  4. Is there anybody on here that fishes for catfish on the pearl river in Mississippi??????

    1. Joe Worker 0
      Not sure on regulations in Mississippi but try a bigger hook and big crappie heads for bigger catfish
  5. 12 pounds / 44 inches long

    Longnose Gar with a live perch

    1. Clint Deer 0
      On the amite river thank you !!!!!
    2. Sasha Tuttle 0
      Where did you catch him? Nice fish
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  6. Hey everybody does anyone know where the best place to catch big cats with rod and reel in Mississippi . Any info would well appreciated thank you.

    1. Sasha Tuttle 0
      but you can definitley still catch some nice catfish right now
    2. Sasha Tuttle 0
      every one iv been talking to that fishes the Mississippi river says the spawns been tapering off i think the river and Ross Barnett are the two best places to go ...more to catch a big catfish the river is more for rod anglers and the reservoir more for jug fishing fisherman i don't think the catfishing is really going to pick up till like july
    3. Eric Moore 0
      Your welcome, they should be staging up pretty shallow getting ready to spawn before long
    4. Clint Deer 0
      Ha I know it's a long ways from you . I do appreciate the info Eric. Thank you so much. I think I might try Sardis next
    5. Eric Moore 0
      I Have caught quite a few big flat heads out of Sardis, I know there's a bunch of big blues on the Mississippi River, a friend of mine catches them they're ...more constantly. I've never done it but if I were going to try I would hit the bends and drift bounce large cuts of skipjack till u find em. That's about all I know to tell you, it's a long way from home for me
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  7. Do u ever do any pond fishing in Washington parish?

    1. Geoffrey Rogers 0
      Oh ok, I've tried fishing in the Bouge Chitto but they have way to many logs to get hung up on
    2. Clint Deer 0
      No I don't. I mostly river fish bud.
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  8. HAPPY Thanksgiving TO EVERYONE!!!!!

  9. Hey does anyone know any good fishing guides for catching big cats near MS??

    1. Clint Deer 0
      Thank you Eric my number is 6013416125
    2. Eric Moore 0
      Hey Clint, I spoke with Larry and he is having a minor surgery done so he said it would be a little bit but he is still guiding. He is also much more familiar with ...more the Mississippi River and the waterways in that area than I am. He is literally the best in the world, world champion for the last three years. If you would like to send me your number I can get the two of you hooked up so you can work out a time and so forth. I would recommend larry over myself due to the fact that he's much closer to your area and also the best! LOL. If for some reason that doesn't work out we can set something up for next fall, I'm always catching big ones in the fall.
    3. Clint Deer 0
      Thank you so much Eric. Me and my wife would love to book something with you for next year. That would be pretty awesome. If you wouldn't mind sending some info ...more on where we would be going, how much it would cost for a 2 day fishing trip and what we would have to bring with us. Thanks
    4. Eric Moore 0
      You can also ask him on Facebook, larry muse. I also do some but I am done with cats for the year. you can check in with me though next year if you're interested ...more for late summer/fall
    5. Eric Moore 0
      Hey Clint, my buddy lary muse used to, not sure if he still does or not. He's the number one tournament cat fishermen in the country. If you have a rough time ...more in mind I can ask him.
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