1. New PB Smallmouth. Caught her on ultralight gear, what a fight!

    3 lb. 10 oz. 19 in. Smallmouth Bass with a Berkley Gulp! Alive! Minnows

  2. Only the second fish of the day and what a fish! I wasn’t even using the lure, just left it dangling in the water and she sniffed it and when I saw and threw the ...more lure out she never hesitated!

    2 lb. 4 oz. 20 in. Rainbow Trout with a Berkley atomic tube

  3. First gorgeous P-seed of 2020!

    8 oz. 7 in. Pumpkinseed with a jig and crawler

  4. Hallelujah, First Gill of 2020 and a nice one at that!

    10 oz. 8 in. Bluegill with a jig and crawler

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  5. Guess what I caught. Here is a hint, Not a trash fish! First one I have caught in 5 years.

    12 oz. 11 in. Mountain Whitefish with a Panther Martin Classic Pattern Spinners

  6. First big one of the year and biggest rainbow trout I have caught to date, A little skinny but nice old fish!

    2 lb. 22 in. Rainbow Trout with a Berkley Atomic Tube

  7. For those of you who follow or view my activity there is another way to view it now. I just recently starting a YouTube channel and have just uploaded a fishing ...more video. It gives a view into my experiences and adventures as an Idaho angler, My YouTube channel is The Trout Slayer. I will provide more videos soon!

  8. Gorgeous buck with a large kype, Swiped at lure 5 times after flying out from weeds near the bank before taking the lure

    1 lb. 14 oz. 17 in. Rainbow Trout with a Berkley Atomic Tube

  9. Nice brooder and biggest fish so far from a new pond only 3 miles from home.

    1 lb. 12 oz. 17 in. Rainbow Trout with a Berkley Atomic Tube

  10. First ever Palomino Trout!

    1 lb. 5 oz. 14 in. Golden Rainbow Trout with a Berkley PowerBait Extra Scent Turbo Dough Trout Bait


Just give me a rod and a lure or bait and take me to any lake, river, or stream and I can pull a fish out. There is no place that I have gone ...more that I have not had any luck at!

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