1. Nice stockie Rainbow that I got right as I was about to pack up for the day.

    1 lb. 12 in. Rainbow Trout with a jig and crawler

  2. Unexpected catch from the pond but very welcome. I have never caught a Perch this late in the year and as a bonus it was caught on my Jawjacker which has worked ...more wonders for me and even though it is for ice fishing it can be used off of a dock.

    5 oz. 8 in. Yellow Perch with a jig and crawler

  3. Gorgeous little Bow, hit on first cast in the hole. First use of shrimp as bait And I give it an E for excellent.

    8 oz. 10 in. Rainbow Trout with a shrimp

    1. Chad M 0
      Sorry, def a rainbow
    2. Chad M 0
      That's a brook trout
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  4. Caught this giant out of the same hole, took 7 minutes to land since it tried to shoot downstream. It is my new PB Bull Trout

    3 lb. 6 oz. 19 in. Bull Trout with a salmon egg

  5. Caught this big bow at the tail end of a pool, took 4 minutes to land. She bit on eggs and the reason is the annual Kokanee and landlocked Chinook runs at this time ...more of the year.

    2 lb. 6 oz. 18 in. Rainbow Trout with a salmon egg

  6. Decent brooder and first stocked trout of 2018

    1 lb. 7 oz. 15 in. Rainbow Trout with a Jig and Crawler

  7. Details: 6 oz. 11 in. Rainbow Trout with a Nightcrawler

    Nice 11 inch stocked bow caught on a crawler. I also caught two more, one on a corn kernel and a Nightcrawler. I let a kid who was there land and unhook the last ...more fish and when he unhooked it a small orange plastic worm fell out of its mouth, I took the worm and put it on my hook and the results were amazing. I didn't catch any more trout but I hooked 6 in 3 minutes. I also saw multiple large trout but I couldn't get them to bite

  8. Details: 8 oz. 10 in. Largemouth Bass with a Nightcrawler

    7 small bass caught out of Beach's pond. Incredibly windy with wind gusts possibly in the 50 mph range but that didn't deter the fish

  9. I just got a Jaw Jacker automatic hook setter for ice fishing this weekend and I hope to test it in the near future. I also built a hook setter of my own invention ...more for open water. Tests went very well and nearly got hooked three times.

  10. Details: Brook Trout with a Joe's Fly

    Caught 43 fish here at the beginning of July. Catch and release only but very aggressive fish and lots of color.


I used to be afraid of fishing but once I got used to the flop factor of the fish I fell in love with the sport. I have caught many fish in my ...more four years of loving the sport and I am becoming an expert angler. I'm also getting good at fly fishing and look forward to catch many fish this way.

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