1. a few more crappie ty..... me n my buddy Freddie

    1. Mick Martinez 0
  2. Dawson Lake, Il. limited out in under an hour

    1. thomas knopp 0
      thank you
    2. Rebecca Lanting 0
      Moraine view state park. Leroy Illinois
    3. thomas knopp 0
      where is dawson lake at ??
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  3. two more trout..... both within 45 minutes

  4. went crappie fishing today at Dawson Lake in Leroy, Illinois

    1. Rebecca Lanting 0
      caught on a jib with a silver sparkle tube
  5. hogs!!!!!!!!

    channel cats with a stink bait on a tube

    1. Rebecca Lanting 0
      vote for me i am on the bragging board
    2. Rebecca Lanting 0
      got these in a private pond
    3. Jon Miller 0
      nice cats I need some new spots around here
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  6. a few cats for good measure

    1. Rebecca Lanting 0
      plz vote for me on the bragging board
  7. trout opens tomorrow

    1. Rebecca Lanting 0
    2. Rebecca Lanting 0
      good day... limited out
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  8. I would like to follow Dawson Lake in Leroy, Illinois.... anybody know why i cant find it?

    1. Rebecca Lanting 0
    2. Jon Giacalone 0
      Hi Rebecca, it looks like we don't have Dawson Lake added in Fishidy yet. Please send us a New Waterway Request via the form on this page http://www.fishidy.com/contact ...more and be sure to include any information you have about Dawson Lake, including species found there, and our team will look into getting it added. Thanks!
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  9. clinton lake dewitt bridge...... 3-28-15 bass tournament happening ..... fishing was very slow.... but still a bad day of fishing beats a good day at the office


woman who loves to fish

Fishing Favorites

  • Species trout and catfish
  • Waterway clinton lake and lake of the woods
  • Lure trout nuggets and stink bait