1. Only one that caught a fish. Straight killed it!

    Walleye with a buck tail

    1. cam ole 0
      nice catch!!!
  2. Fun fight

    3 lb. 16 in. Walleye with a twister tail

  3. Where are the trout near minot. I heard they were at Darlene. And how do you catch them? Light test with Worms/wax worms? Help would be appricated.

    1. mike popham 0
      Not shit lol split shot stupid auto correct sorry.
    2. mike popham 0
      I went down to velvs a while back and caught alot of trout there using a worm and a split shit on the bottom. Also caught em on salmon eggs there.
    3. Wil Anderson 0
      Thanks man I'll have to check out sak for sure
    4. cam ole 0
      if your looking for rainbows my beat guess is out at velva sportsman's pond... they stock it every so often... I've tried like 10 times to catch 1 but no ...more luck... heard of people catching them though but they were using fly rods which I don't own 1 but would like to give a shot... other than that lake trout in sak... as far as I know...
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  • Species Walleye
  • Waterway rivers
  • Lure Lead head with plastics