1. Does anyone fish the tributaries of lake of the Ozarks? And if so are the Walleyes and White bass running up stream to spawn? Any information would be great and ...more good luck fishing!

  2. I thought it was interesting I caught this even though it's not a labeled species anywhere in the river.

    4 in. Green Sunfish with a Night crawler

  3. Does anyone who fishes at Lake of the Ozarks know what the walleyes are bitting on this time of year? If so please comment.

  4. 18 in. Largemouth Bass with a Rebel poper

  5. 35 in. Blue Catfish with a Chicken liver

  6. 11 in. Black Crappie with a 2 inch white grub

  7. 11 in. White Bass with a Storm Hot n Tot crankbait

  8. I have a question for everyone that fishes the Lake of the Ozarks area. Since the walleye spawning time is coming up I was wondering if anyone could give me a tip ...more on what lures are best? I have always had problems catching them from here it would be really helpful to know what I am doing wrong.


I love lake of the ozarks and the popular game fish that thrive in its waters. I am obsessed with fishing and have been known to fish from dawn ...more to dusk.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species I fish for a variety of fish in a variety of places. At the top of my list are largemouth and spotted bass, crappie, and all kinds of catfish.
  • Waterway Lake of the Ozarks
  • Lure Rebel poper and Rapala shad rap