1. It was a sad sad day! I lost my favorite/lucky fishing hat in the lake this past week.

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    2. Blanca Ellertson 0
      my dog chewed my husband's up when he was asleep he says he feels your pain
    3. carl schulze 0
      sorry for your loss
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  2. Throwing a stick bait into the shallows. I was catching & releasing these hogs all day.

    1. carl schulze 0
      sounds like a great day,congrats on catching and thanks for the releasing.
  3. A big hybrid, that I caught a couple weeks back.

    8 lb. 2 oz. Hybrid Striped Bass

    1. Pathfinder is gonna be where it's at Frank. They are still a little sleepy the walleye. Rainbows are kicking but I don't want them. Water temp is about average ...more 54 at the Path 😀
    2. Frank Jeffries 0
      I'm torn too, I'm trying to find a few secret morel locations but the sauger & walleye are finally biting. What to do what to do
    3. Brian Quisenberry 0
      It's good here Frank the crappie are moving up on the rocks to spawn and the morel mushrooms are popping so it makes me pretty torn on which one to attack!! ...more Lol check out my pics from last summer I tore some walleye and hybrids up at Clinton spillway they had lots of discharge and the fish were schooled up right at the discharge tube most of the summer chowing on the shad! Hoping for the same this spring/summer!
    4. Frank Jeffries 0
      @ Bass Tracker, I'm headed to Cheyenne for the next week. I have some graduation I'll be attending in that area. What's the fishing report?
    5. Frank Jeffries 0
      Hello Brian, how's the KC fishing going? I miss those fishing holes.
      And yes, it did make the drag squeal.... smoke.
    6. Way to go, Frank!!
    7. Brian Quisenberry 0
      Nice one Frank!! Those big hybrids are scrappers bet he made the drag squeal!!
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  4. Anybody fishing Chain of Rocks near Alton, Il. How's the fishing there? It looks like it has a nice sandbar for some walleye fishing.

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      click menu, then in box, it is private messaging like email, might only be available while using a computer though, never figured out how to access it on the phone
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      ? inbox?
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      check your inbox Frank
    4. Never been there, Frank, sorry :(
    5. Frank Jeffries 0
      I'm glad you informed of this. I was going to go there tomorrow morning but I think I'll try Carlyle instead.
    6. justin sumner 0
      I have heard of Walleye being there, and all the pools for that matter, but doubting you would do good from shore, probably too hard to get jigs into the pools, ...more I have stopped by there a few times just to see what was going on, just people fishing for carp and catfish
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  5. My love/ hate relationship of the Kaskaskia River continues! Trying to chase some walleye, I drove 2hrs north yesterday to Lake Shelbyville spillway. Just to be ...more skunked and cold! Then the 2hr trip home turned into a 3.5hr trip because of the icy roads. There has to be a closer location to Mascoutah IL, for a "Boat-less angler", to catch some walleye!?!? With that said, I am grateful for opportunity that the good Lord gave me.... and I can't wait till that next opportunity. #skunkedcold&thankful

    1. Frank Jeffries 0
      I haven't been to Peabody this year. I fished it last April but only caught white bass. I was told that the northern pond has walleye in it but it's not ...more very accessible for a boatless angler.
    2. Bryan Best 0
      Have tried Peabody? I caught some nice sauger and walleye
    3. It can be rough sometimes :) Toward the beginning of fall, they let almost all the water out in Pathfinder, Glendo and Alcova, so had a boat to put in but levels ...more too low for safety ARRRGHH!
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  6. I'm assuming this is a Yellow Bass. I was casting into the wind and then giving the spinner a few seconds to sink. I was catching these little guys as fast ...more as I could reel them in. Along with White bass and Largemouth.

    6 oz. 7 in. Yellow Bass with a mepps red aglia

    1. justin sumner 0
      Ya that's how those strip pit lakes are, also not safe wading, but might have enough shoreline shallow enough to fish parallel to shore in your tube
    2. Frank Jeffries 0
      Actually, this past Saturday I did pack in my float tube. I didn't spend too much time in it though. That morning's weather had a cold chill to it and I ...more wasn't feeling that well. As for the habitat, I am liking what I've seen. A person will need a boat to access some of these remote lakes though. The cattails are so thick all around ,that a bank fishermen will be limited to where they can fish.
    3. justin sumner 0
      I see you hit Peabody, looks like you're on shore, did you get a boat on there. What's your opinion on the habitat there in general
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  7. senko worm on the bottom. slowly reeled. shhhh we're hunting lunkers

    4 lb. 5 oz. 20 in. Largemouth Bass with a plastic worm

  8. Details: walleye and sauger

    when the water temp warms up tp 50° the walleye and sauger move up the kaskaskia river and lay in the weed beds right before the General Dean Suspension bridge. ...more Long cast upstream and then slowly reeling in a mid-large white tube jig or chartreuse swimbaits will catch these finicky fish.

    1. Frank Jeffries 0
      I'm relatively new to the area myself. I've been to the Carlyle spillway several times chasing,cr these walleye that reports claim. I wasn't until two ...more weekend ago had I even seen a walleye caught out of there. I had never seen so many fishermen squeezed along the west side and east side. On the west side they linedup from the old tree to the suspension bridge . They lined up on the west side from the bridge up and around the bend. There were also two boats that had somehow slqueezed into that shared area.
    2. justin sumner 0
      that general dean bridge, is it better on the east or west side up stream of the bridge, I worked over the boat launch side real good, I think that is the west side, ...more saw two people fishing the east side which I believe is opposite of the boat launch side, nobody did any good
    3. justin sumner 0
      never been to Peabody, but it has been recommended to me for bass fishing, I bumped into some guy who fishes there all the time, he said it is worth checking out, ...more I am going to wait until the water is around 60 before I go
    4. Frank Jeffries 0
      I think I'm going to try the peabody mine pits. Anyone familiar with that area.
    5. justin sumner 0
      Did not see a single gamefish caught, got 1 crappie fished noon till dark. Threw grubtail and swimbait jigs, floated a bobber and minnow at same time. I have not ...more seen anything caught in 6 trips there but junk fish and crappie
    6. justin sumner 0
      hopefully the cold snap will chase all the anglers off
    7. justin sumner 0
      maybe i will make the drive out there tomorrow and give it a shot, last two times i was out there i did terrible, but it was at least two weeks ago
    8. Frank Jeffries 0
      @ Darrell. I went fishing last weekend and I caught three walleye, using the techniques mentioned above. However, all three walleye were to small to keep. My biggest ...more walleye was close to 15" and skinny skinny. However, there were plenty of other anglers catching keepers. They were also using the same technique that I mentioned.
    9. darrell a. 0
      I don't see any fish?
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  9. Details: Kaskaskia River 4800 Lock and Dam road, 62261

    fall:fish the oxbows below New Athens. Spring: major holes due to the high water flooding. From New Athens to Fayetteville offer great high water basins. October ...more - March fish Plum Creek down to the lock. Concentrate on cuts, drains, and creeks. spinnerbaits q

  10. little channe cats on worms all day long. I changed over to a bluegill cut bait only to have the same results. The fish were very active but absolutely had no size. ...more oh well, maybe next time

    Channel Catfish with a gob of yellow worms

    1. Frank Jeffries 0
      Thanks Chris. I was on my Turkey vacation with the in-laws and my Illinois fishing license is good till March. I live in Kansas City, KS. I'm hoping we can ...more visit a couple more times before March. How's the fishing on the river? The hunters were in full force along the river, so i didn't venture down there.
    2. Chris Jenkins 0
      Try cut shad for blue catfish and live bluegills for flatheads there are some big fish in there.If you are looking catch bigger fish that will help.
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Born and raised on the plains of southeast Wyoming. My hometown sports some of the best trout fishing in the U.S., but don't tell anyone because ...more we like keeping it a secret. I have recently moved to Mascoutah, IL and I'm needing all/any fishing advice I can receive. I feel like a "fish out of water"!

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