1. Gonna try and get out here Sunday and see if I can find any fish

    1. Jeff Saager 0
      As soon as the debris subsides so I can get out there
    2. Brennan Kania 0
      When will u go on the Illinois river for walleye
    3. Brennan Kania 0
    4. Jeff Saager 0
      Heard there were no walleye here anymore. Would assume it gets too hot for them
    5. Jeff Saager 0
      Quite a few largemouth and got into a school of whites. Always fun to catch. A lot of crankbait action!
    6. Brennan Kania 0
      I caught 10 catfish
    7. Brennan Kania 0
      R u there
    8. zack kocovsky 0
      Got a few catfish and bass
    9. Brennan Kania 0
      Do u ever caught walleye
    10. Jeff Saager 0
      Dunno what we're gonna use yet, and packed full on this trip. I'll post how we do tommarrow.
    11. eric ewald 0
      Got an extra seat on that boat? Haha
    12. Brennan Kania 0
      What r u using
    13. Jeff Saager 0
      I'll be going there sunrise tommarrow, but will do
    14. Brennan Kania 0
      Tell me if u Caught any thing might go there tomarow
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Sauger/walleye
  • Waterway Illinois river