1. I met Mike Iaconelli at cabelas this year.

  2. Kayaking on the pomonkey/potomac river.

  3. Hybrid Striped Bass with a Night crawler

    1. Dominic Quirple 0
      it was at midnight
    2. Peter Tirado 0
      what time of the day you caught it?...nice catch!
    3. Melody Kuykendall 0
      Looks like a crappy bass. Didn't think there were hybrids of striped bass. Not at blue marsh anyway lol
    4. Ethan Danciak 0
      Thnx and congrats on the catch
    5. Dominic Quirple 0
      8 lb 18 in
    6. Ethan Danciak 0
      How big
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Bass
  • Waterway Blue Marsh lake
  • Lure Spinnerbait