1. I just got a broadcast warning from the National Weather service warning of flooding on the Menomonee river on Marinette Wi. and Menominee Mi. that tells me the ...more water will be high by the dam.

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      Thanks for the update
  2. I got done in Marinette and with poor fishing conditions, I thought I would check Peshtigo by the dam. No luck here either. Very crowded and high water here as well.

  3. I stopped down at the dam in Marineyte this morning. 3 gates open and the river was flooding the fishing deck. There were cars for a block and the people fishing ...more were not getting anything.

  4. From the weekly Wisconsin DNR report; The walleye run is picking up speed in the Peshtigo, Menominee and Wolf rivers and fisherman are flocking to the shores ahead ...more of the peak run.

  5. From the DNR weekly update on 03/23/17 The Menominee River has been producing some nice brown trout and a few walleye mainly below the Hattie Street Dam down to ...more Stephenson Island in Marinette. The boat launches and rivers along the west shore are mostly still iced in. 

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      Thanks for the update! Appreciate it.
  6. I went down to the dam in Marinette. only 1 gate open and the water was fairly calm. I only caught one small brown trout. no walleye yet. I'm guessing it will ...more be a little bit yet. Water temp was only 35° and there was still ice on above the dam. I did hear that they were taking some fish very early and lmao late in the day, on the fisherman's walkway on the bridge and along the Michigan shore under the bridge. nothing much under the dam yet.

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  7. Jack Pot. I just found a new line on the market. I was unable to cast far enough out to get into the fish on Thursday, so off to Gander Mountain. I found this brand ...more new Florocarbon highbred line, which feels like silk, has the diameter of sewing thread and is 24# test. 1/4th the thickness of 8# mono with 3X the strength. I spooled my best rod and it was very difficult to cut, more good news. $14 for 150 yards. Very excited to see how far it will cast. It is rated at very long distance.

  8. I went down to the dam in Marinette yesterday. Lots of people fishing both at the dam and on the bridge walkway. I saw several small brown trout come in on minnows ...more and a few larger fish were snagged but not landed. the water is still fast and cold. It will be a week or 2 yet before things get better. it is a place to go and lots of fun was had by the people fishing. Like a group of old friends. It was a pleasure.

  9. I checked the river under the dam in Marinette. 4 gates open and water running too fast to fish. I'll be checking next week and I'll post the results.

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      Thanks for the updates!
  10. I checked the Menominee river, below the dam in Marinette, Wisconsin. the water is too high to fish. They had like 4 gates open and the water was roaring so hard ...more I couldn't keep a bait deep enough in the water to do any good. I'll check again by the middle of next week and post what's happening.


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