1. 2 lb. 18 in. Walleye with a minnow

    1. Tswb Thao 0
      That's cool. Thanks for the quick update. Been wanting to try that lake this season but wasn't sure since the water level is down. Thanks and good luck ...more on your fishing trips
    2. Brandon Smith 0
      Waters still down quite a bit 10 to 15 feet Mabye. I've been out twice and caught 5 wipers in between a lot of little walleye!
    3. Tswb Thao 0
      Hows the water level on the lake? Any hybrid wipers caught?
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  2. Details: 2 lb. 18 in. Walleye with a minnow

  3. 6 lb. 2 oz. 25 in. Largemouth Bass with a strike king KVD1.5

  4. 2 lb. 24 in. Northern Pike with a Rooster tail

  5. Dry Creek

    1. Brandon Smith 0
      Across the river view

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  • Species Largemouth Bass