1. Was just under 29 8.5 ibs released

    Walleye with a 8 oz jig head with a gulp

    1. Ray Bied 0
      8 oz. or 1/8 oz. ?
    2. Dan glaser 0
    3. Robert Coleman 0
      That's one Helluva Walleye Dan! Nice healthy looking fish! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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  2. Male walleye upon cleaning the fish the milk sack was dry FINALLY!

    17 in. Walleye

  3. 28 in. Walleye with a scatter rap

    1. Barry Schiesher 0
      holy balls where did you get that pig at? trolling?
    2. Dan glaser 0
      no idea what it weighed*
    3. Dan glaser 0
      no kidding the inch chrt on here in stupid in my opionin it was 28.5 I have no idea on the way and don't care I Let Go all of the big females I have caught and ...more I have over 20 that I have released in my lifetime that are close to 30 inches
    4. Dillen Kangas 0
      It's not going to be 5 LBS and 35 inches
    5. Ray Bied 0
      Pretty dark out there?
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  4. trolling

    Walleye with a sr5

    1. Ray Bied 0
      Okay. Thanks Dan.
    2. Ray Bied 0
      Okay. Thanks Dan.
    3. Dan glaser 0
      most certainly buffalo..i live on it..and fish puck regular too but for buff it takes lots of improvising lol..... keep boards close usually one long line one board ...more out 40 n only certain sectipns of the channel obvi rest of the lake is choked with weeds so its tricky but possible...the live baiy trollin is better when weesa are too heavy but chnnel remains hard sand in many areas expensive sonar willhelp or just from fiahing the lake ALOT..Ive foshed buffalo sinve i was a kid n its obe of the hardest waters to get quality fish..if ya have any questions feel free to pm me.
    4. Ray Bied 0
      How can you troll in all that much? You sure you don't mean Puckaway?
    5. Dan glaser 0
      is that a serious question? Walleyes have always been in Buffalo since the fish ladder now there is a decent population special way to fish for them though very ...more tricky Lake
    6. Ray Bied 0
      When was the last time walleyes were in Buffalo?
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  5. trout pattern one long line one board(miniboard)

    Walleye with a sr5

  6. i fished for two and a half hours the other night ,its been a struggle since the spawn ended . Hard to get on any kind of numbers but tonight was the night , they ...more are definitely settling into their summer patterns an are definitely more aggressive.. each year more eyes are starting to show up . everything I caught was on crankbait trout color and one on live bait trolling Nightcrawler ... def a magical night out! now im going to be setting up a page for the Walleye Club I have mentioned in previous post, and the description of it is on my profile if you would like to look, it is for Buffalo Lake Wisconsin Marquette County...(walleye club) Please ,if you live on the lake or only Fish It 2 times a year because you live in Illinois ,I would like you to all be involved as we are the people that enjoy the lake the most ,and with. my efforts in your help we can get the lake back to its numbers and now we'll be able to enjoy a fine walleye Fishery and hopefully to be fantastic in the future as I am pushing for a state slot limit, and if not granted we will do it as a group and set an example and hopefully people will follow. Also to the guy in the Lund red and silver 14 ft I've seen you keep enough undersized fish and if I see it again DNR will be called.. again my cell number is 608-369-1899 any ideas about farming this club and ... thanks for taking the time to read this enjoy the pictures tight lines!

  7. was looking to see if some of you more serious walleye fisherman would like to start a little club before Buffalo Lake.. I have been chasing walleye almost my whole ...more life ...i practice a solid catch and release policy basically same as the slot limits on the Wisconsin River I have seen increased activity and almost doubled from last year on this section I don't think we'll have a problem with a getting fished out due to the weeds and the average fisherman might find it a bit walleyes up here but I believe there is a substantial population right now and it's just going to get better so let's form a club and keep it safe.... my cell phone number is 608-369-1899 and my Gmail if you prefer email is glaser527@gmail .i am off work at 3:30 everyday give me a shout after that time and well talk on how to set this up etc. I think this would benefit this Lake a whole lot for our future Generations and I'm sure the businesses would appreciate some extra income!! tight lines

  8. fox/puck

    1. Dan glaser 0
      on da ringworm. :)
  9. 27.5....cought at 1 am, hook n minnow

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I am a Hardcore walleye fisherman first of ,and A amateur walleye conservative.... Have spent last 6 years focusing soley on walleye and still ...more learning.. and of course looking for that 30 have many that have came super close but no cigar! I mainly focus on small rivers small systems "no walleye" lakes etc it is extremely challenging finding and pulling up a 25 plus out of most of these Waters that I fish so I'm pretty content many 27+inchers ive cought in Marquette county that I have caught and released...im now starting a Walleye Club for Buffalo Lake in Montello Wisconsin..would like to call it walleyes unlimited but not sure on the legalities of that yet. Since the fish ladder was built a few years back at the Montello Dam, walleye population is increasing, along with recent years stocking efforts ,walleyes are showing up more throughout the system now n my goal is to set a club/group slot limit and in hopes of someday receiving a legal slot limit for the stretch. If you're interested in joining give me a call at 608-369-1899 otherwise message me on here or my Gmail __ glaser527@gmail.com.. Tight lines 🎣

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  • Species walleye/sauger
  • Waterway fox/wi river
  • Lure minnow grubs/ringworm