1. Fish the surf this morning and caught everything from shark,trout,black drum,croacker,whiting,gaftop, and of course Redfish. This is one of the three Redfish caught ...more this morning. She was 27 inches.

    Red (redfish) Drum

    1. Ramon Trevino 0
      The water was not bad but i bet when it gets greener its gonna be on.
    2. Ramon Trevino 0
      Believe or not dead shrimp on a 1/4 ounce jighead. We started throwing lures,spoons but the live shrimp that went dead on me was the ticket. Ran out and went to ...more buy more. Fun just catching everything.
    3. Matthew O 0
      What kind of bait? Great fish
    4. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Nice Red looks like you had fun catching today water looks good
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  2. Caught everything in the Surf this morning including shark,trout,black drum, gaftop,whiting and of course this beautiful 27 inch Redfish.

    Red (redfish) Drum

  3. Great day to be at surfside. Everyone was catching Spanish mackerels

    Spanish Mackerel with a Spoon

    1. Ramon Trevino 0
      thanks.. the water was awesome. wish it was like this all the time. can't wait to go back
    2. splitlip 0
      @bombero18 Nice smack!
    3. Saltyhank 0
      Awesome bro!
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  4. water was amazing green and the mackerel were hitting hard.

    King Mackerel with a Finger Mullet

    1. Matt Dobson 0
      @MulletHead sweet sweet sight. Time to launch crediola
    2. Matt Dobson 0
      @MulletHead sweet sweet site
    3. Roger Connolly 0
      I'm ready! @fishinggal
    4. Gabe Mitchell 0
      @matt kings are back!
    5. 4x4Active 0
      Oh ya King!
    6. Ramon Trevino 0
      get em while its green. can't wait to go back
    7. fishinggal 0
      @Southern_fishermen18 Nope. Look up Freeport on Google map. You'll find Surfside.
    8. Southern_fishermen18 0
      Is this in corpus
    9. fishinggal 0
      @RogerDale You haven't been to Surfside yet?
    10. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      @RogerDale I'm ready
    11. Roger Connolly 0
      Is this our next trip? I've been wanting to go check it out. @fishinggal @ReelGame
    12. fishinggal 0
      @HieuLieu lol...Yep!!!
    13. Hieu Lieu 0
      yassssssss!! @fishinggal @phoforfun
    14. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Nice king
    15. fishinggal 0
      @ReelGame They're back
    16. robz713 0
      Damn I need to head down there nice fish
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