1. Nockamixon 19 inch on a night crawler

  2. rapala brown trout pattern

  3. mepps 00 ultralight spinner

  4. Rainbow Trout with a Mepps Aglia Ultra Lite Spinner

    1. Patrick McCarty 0
      ok John Chickey fixed it but before the lake was made I did catch plenty of trout in the tohickon creek that runs through it
    2. Patrick McCarty 0
      sorry john east branch perkieomen
    3. John Chickey 0
      Really lake noc
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  5. with a run down stream and under a submerged log he went belly up faster than expected dinner tonight

    19.0 in. Brown Trout with a Leland's Trout Magnet Cranks

  6. 19 inch bellied up on a run down stream with even a under log squeeze with less than 3 inches of room under it he hit a trout magnet crankbait on 4# test and yes ...more I said he as in a male.

    1. Patrick McCarty 0
      thank you Mr. Miller it was a great fight not the only one but I had to harvest it after we were done not by choice.
    2. bob miller 0
      nice fish
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  7. Always a nice place to hook up

    1. Patrick McCarty 0
      Yeah Noah Shapiro I don't like to take them out of the water long if at all like I tell people try wrapping a plastic bag over your head for the time you keep ...more them out of water and see how you feel
    2. Patrick McCarty 0
      That is reel not feel
    3. Patrick McCarty 0
      #5 Panther Martin spinner hit the dam breast slide down into the water and as soon as I started to feel he was on it I was using12# test line the fight lasted less ...more then three minutes I had to use hemostats to remove the spinner she laid there for about 30 seconds just long enough for photo and bum rushed the rock I was standing on tailed her back into the water touched her belly and she swam off
    4. Noah Shapiro 0
      Ok I was wondering that Patrick
    5. Matthew Bear 0
      nice catch. what did you catch him on?
    6. Patrick McCarty 0
      Spillway critter caught and released laid still long enough for photo
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I'll fish for anything just to feel a tug on the line almost anytime. My favourites being steelhead,musky, pickrel,small mouth and trout. Mostly ...more use lighter lines and ultra light tackle.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species sun fish, bass, crappie, perch, pike, pickrel, trout, catfish, steelhead and muskies
  • Waterway anywhere I'm allowed mostly eastern Pa.
  • Lure most anything but ultra lite favourite