1. Anybody know how the ice is doing so far?

    1. Joseph Simmon 0
      Ok thank you. I've been trying to get out there to check but I've been super busy putting my house and family back together after a fire.
    2. Anton Kichler 0
      far as I know the ice is thin or has not yet formed anyways far as I know
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  2. Looking for some help locating some walleye. my son really wants to catch one and I don't know this lake. I don't want your honey hole, just a general area. ...more we'll be heading out of the launch with just a canoe. Thank you in advance.

    1. Leo Cody 0
      If you're talking about crystal lake in Burnsville, there aren't any walleye in that like. I live on the lake and check up on the dnr reports frequently
    2. Phil Kunkle 0
      don't know the lake ur on but this time of year the walleye are in deeper water. trolling Barkley flicker shad and flicker minnows works well. this time of ...more year the bite seems to be best after dark and along weed beds.
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