1. Not very many people talk on this site!!! I get more info from free sites

  2. anyone doing any fishing up in Lewiston Michigan

  3. Anyone have an ice report for the Saginaw Bay or river?

  4. Who is fishing the river today?

    1. Jeremiah Phelps 0
      I was out Sunday on the bay just outside the mouth & there was 6in in the chanel. No fish were biting & everyone I asked said little to no action.
    2. Rick St. Onge 0
      There were quite a few guys on the river here in Bay City last night, personally I wouldn't go just because I am not that familiar with the river here. With ...more that said, guys are spudding their way around and being very cautious. I got this from a friend. ..
    3. LIL w 0
      How was the bite..
    4. Rick St. Onge 0
      we had 6 inches of ice last Thursday
    5. LIL w 0
      River still have open water? Or is it iced over
    6. Rick St. Onge 0
      I was there last week but not this week
    7. LIL w 0
      Can i get a up date on ice and activities do to me being hours away but want to make a trip over there ASAP Thanks
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