1. well the turtles are back out eating worms again.

    4 lb. Painted Turtle with a worms

  2. Took my grandson fishing for the first time. He hooked into this giant carp on his tiny Dock Demon rod and reel. What a fight it was!

    28 in. Common Carp

    1. That was supposed to say way to go little guy
    2. Why to go line guy high five
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  3. 15 in. Common Carp with a Yellow Corn

  4. First turtle of the year. Caught red worms none the less. I hate these things.

    9 in. Painted Turtle

  5. 9 in. Yellow Bullhead Catfish

    1. karen eichman 0
      Nice catie! I've never caught on that color
  6. 7 in. Yellow Bullhead Catfish with a Red Worm

  7. 2 in. Orangespotted Sunfish with a Red Worms

    1. Yes. They are very pretty little fish that few people have ever caught. This is a male. Females look like small bluegill.
    2. J Fisher 0
      That would be cool for my fish tank
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  8. 16 in. Channel Catfish with a Red Worms

  9. 1 lb. 7 oz. 16 in. Common Carp with a Red Worm

  10. 2 lb. 16 in. Common Carp with a Red Worm


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