1. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a Worms from the backyard

    Went to the pond in the back yard and slayed the bluegill one after another. Couldn't keep em off the hook

    1. Timothy Lark 0
      Can me and my kids fish this?
  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Black and blue swirl yum dinger 4 inch

    First time using a drop shot and got this 1lb 13oz bass on the first cast

    1. reefboi16 0
      @TexasAngler89 look at this bass
  3. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Same as last 2 blerts

  4. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Same as last blert

    1. pondfisher 0
      Yeah maybe it ate a big fish or a few frogs
    2. Cody Smith 0
      That's what I was thinking but I didn't know because the post spawn had ended like 2 weeks before I caught it. @pondfisher I thought maybe it had eaten some ...more bluegill or maybe a small snake
    3. pondfisher 0
      I'm pretty sure that's not fat it's ready to lay eggs
    4. Cody Smith 0
      That was probably the fattest bass I've ever seen or caught @jacoblecates
    5. jacoblecates 0
      nice fatty
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Super fat 3 pounder caught last summer by me on a zoom super fluke in white pearl. Don't know what it had in it but it was fat!

    1. TYnsr 0
      It's pregnant
    2. AllWaterLife 0
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  6. Anybody ever used or been to sheltons clothing store? Says they have Cumaras on sale for 110 bucks off. Wondering if I could trust them.

  7. This was a brand new jerk bait i tied on about 10 minutes after my last blert. It had never hit the water and on the 3rd cast a 3-4 exploded on it and i hooked him ...more with one hook and he broke it off. The front treble hook only has 2 hooks now. He destroyed a brand new rapala jerkbait.

    1. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      Oh ok
    2. Cody Smith 0
      It was still in the box. I never opened it. It was brand new. @TennesseeTroutboy
    3. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      I thought you said it was brand new?
    4. Cody Smith 0
      I think so @TennesseeTroutboy idk. It may be a countdown. Had it in my jerkbait box for forever.
    5. reeloutdoors 0
      I've had them do that before, very disappointing @bigbassfisher
    6. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      Looks like a countdown, are you sure it was a husky jerk?
    7. Cody Smith 0
      Yes. He did all the damage. The bait had never been in the water. He knocked off the paint the lip and broke the hook. @bomber1
    8. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      Did he knock off the lip of the bait also?
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  8. Small but fun. Rainy day. Decided to use a suspending jerk bait in the pond behind the house. Caught about 4 so far

  9. Decided to try and gig a fish and finally got one. Find at night suspended while on the dock and get close to and bang! Then u got him.

    1. Cody Smith 0
    2. Cody Smith 0
      Either bait or we eat them.
    3. whitebass_81 0
      What do you use the fish for
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