1. it fought for an hour on 2 pound line

    Crappie with a tungsten Jig

    1. alex browne 0
      lying sack of $#!/. stealing someone else picture. http://slabblaster.com/world-record-crappie-released-crappie-flux-capacitor
  2. it bit on a slender spoon and fought for 15 minutes

    Walleye with a slender spoon

    1. alex browne 0
      that is not even a slender spoon in its lip.
    2. Rich Pardy 0
      NIce walleye man!! You got my braggin board vote!
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  3. Details: 17 lb. 8 oz. Walleye with a Rippin Rap

    giant walleye

    1. Mac Hoekstra 0
      That is a pig!!
    2. Ryan FitzPatrick 0
      State record huh?
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  4. Details: Crappies At Dusk, Pike during Day and Night

    you will catch pike and sunfish during the day, crappies at dusk, and sunnies and pike later in the night with the ocassional crappie