1. You been up near Mckenzie recently?

    1. Willy Basill 0
      Not good. Some pike and then ended up heading back to our lake for crappies. Just in time to blow up the engine
    2. Garrett Bassler 0
      Sorry guys, never got into walleyes on Big Mac... how did ya do?
    3. Willy Basill 0
      Awesome. Good luck!
    4. Bob Grzyb 0
      Never fished Mckenzie before. Taking my kids to Spooner Lake for bass and gills this weekend.
    5. Willy Basill 0
      Headed that way this weekend for the opener. Looking for eyes. Never really found good numbers out here any tips?
    6. Bob Grzyb 0
      Thanks Garrett! Much appreciated. I agree that getting kids excited about fishing is a good thing. In fact, I founded a non-profit organization a few years ago for ...more just that purpose. Unfortunately, due to lack of time and money it's been put on the back for now. I hope to get something going with it again down the road. Thanks again.
    7. Garrett Bassler 0
      Bob- a couple years ago I was on McKenzie over Memorial day. On the south side of the lake there is a small stream. There were literally thousands of bluegills that ...more piled in right at the mouth of it. A buddy and I caught a limit of nice sized gills in about an hour. It took all of about 10 seconds before the bobber went down- tipped with crawler chunks. Get right in there tight and you should be able to see them all lined up. I normally wouldnt give an exact spot away, but getting kids involved in fishing is more important these days than ever, so good luck!
    8. Bob Grzyb 0
      Thanks Willy!
    9. Willy Basill 0
      Bob. Don't fish it very often. But I'm sure get in like 4 feet of water throw a piece of a crawler out there and you'll be good to go
    10. Bob Grzyb 0
      Taking my kids to McKenzie Memorial Weekend. Any tips that on how and where to keep their bobbers going down would be much appreciated.
    11. Willy Basill 0
      The lake I fish is also pretty shallow. So the water was pretty warm already
    12. Willy Basill 0
      Awesome. Was up and mainly sunnies in shallow with the occasional crappie. Either way kept some of both for a fry
    13. Garrett Bassler 0
      Talked to a buddy who fished this area last weekend, he caught a limit of crappies.
    14. Willy Basill 0
      I'm looking to do the same. Wondering water temps and where the fish will be at thoufh
    15. Garrett Bassler 0
      Nope, not since ice season. Might make a trip up next weekend to go for some crappies though.
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  2. Anyone been on Yellow lately, that can give an update on the ice depth? I am heading up this weekend for one more try at Mr. Walter, and would like to know if I ...more should plan on walking or driving.

    1. Garrett Bassler 0
      There was about 16" of ice at least. People were driving full size trucks all over the ice. We caught them in the 30' hole out from Beckys Bar. If you want ...more more specifics message me.
    2. Willy Basill 0
      Ok nice. Yellow right? How was the ice and where snouts were the fish? (No specifics needed)
    3. Garrett Bassler 0
      Willy- we struggled on Saturday, besides a pair of 30 inch northern on tip-ups, but got into some nice crappies Sunday morning.
    4. Willy Basill 0
      Let me know how the fishing was after the weeknd
    5. Willy Basill 0
      Ok. My cabin is on Webb. We pull a lot of nice panfish from Webb and lots of tip up action too but usually not good size
    6. Garrett Bassler 0
      Cool. The cabin we stay at is on Birch Island Lake (just south of there). What do you usually get into on Webb?
    7. Willy Basill 0
      I was on Webb lake. Just about 10 miles east of Danbury
    8. Garrett Bassler 0
      Thanks. My spot isnt too bad of a walk from the landing, but good to know! If you dont mind, what lake were you on? I fish several of the nearby lakes...
    9. Willy Basill 0
      Was up in the area last weekend. People were still driving out. But i was also on a smaller lake
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  3. Details: the Dead Sea

    Pretty slow

    1. Brad Bixby 0
      Glad ya got a few!
    2. Garrett Bassler 0
      As a group we couldnt lock down a presentation. Everything yielded similar results but hey thats fishing. The last day i caught a few nice keepers with a UV Glow ...more Rip n Rap, so I agree with you advising not to always downsize when fish get finicky. Sometimes that bigger size and sounds will piss them off enough to bite.
    3. Brad Bixby 0
      Pink and white spoon ok, but pearch with gold back was the key!
      Hope it work for ya!!
    4. Brad Bixby 0
      I can Help! Was just there (own a cabin there and am up every other week). Was slow this weekend too, but we figured it out and did very well. VMC tingle spoon, ...more med size, aggressive! Pull it away from them hard and keep it a foot above them. about the third time they will crush it. Don't down size and try to finesse them, they will look but wont bite. You gotta make them angry when they're like this. Good luck...
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  4. First walleye of the 2016 hardwater season! 19" on a perch pattern 1/16" spoon.

    1. Tony Dahlberg 0
      Fun to be there glad we got it on video!
  5. Has anybody had success with a night bite on Yellow? I have fished this lake several times, but never at night. I am thinking about targeting late night marble-eyes ...more through the ice. Any info. is appreciated!
    Tight Lines.

  6. several slab crappies, 19.5" walleye, couple big perch, and a whitefish all out of the same hole!

    crappies, walleye, perch, & whitefish with a jig w/ crappie minnow

    1. Garrett Bassler 0
      Technically it was a tullibee/ cisco... basically a large shiner minnow. They are okay to eat but I have been throwing them back since then, as they are a main food ...more source for predator fish like walleye and musky.
    2. David Moua 0
      What’s a white fish?
    3. jacob Holmstrom 0
      during a normal year u can get most boats under the bridge. we took my 18' under last fall.
    4. Garrett Bassler 0
      I get what you guys are saying, but a picture of a handful of crappies and a couple walleyes isn't causing anyone to drop anything and fish the great Yellow ...more Lake. This post was more to show that this is a unique lake in the fact that I caught so many different species out of just one 8" hole in the ice. When I was up for the opener the water was too high to get under the bridge onto little Yellow... is it ever low enough to get under that bridge or do you just need a smaller boat?
    5. Mike Kamellure 0
      I agree Zander I have had a place on yellow for 18 years and 10 yrs. ago it was pretty easy to get your limit of walleyes which was 5 now it's 3 and pretty tough ...more to get that. Your spot on for how much pressure this lake is getting.
    6. Zander Zaccardi 0
      not to be the bad guy but yellow has been getting pressured more now than I've ever seen in 14 years. this only makes it worse. just try to limit what's ...more posted please and thank you. nice work by the way
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  7. Details: Bluegill with a hooks w/ crawlers

    Thousands, yes thousands of bluegill are here in the spring. toss out a worm on a bobber, couple seconds later- reel in a bluegill. caught over a hundred between ...more two guys, kept our limit.

  8. Details: Crappie with a Jigs

    Crappies all night on glow jigs tipped w/ crappie minnows or grubs

  9. coming out to tonka for my first time tonight. Anyone have some advice for what to use/ where to go for a productive walleye night bite? Thanks, and rip some lips!

    1. Garrett Bassler 0
    2. Nicholas Cox 0
      Check out TonkaFishing.com for a dedicated Lake Minnetonka Fishing source.
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  10. anybody have any hot spots for crappies/ walleyes on this lake? This is my first hardwater season in Minnesota, and i hear these metro lakes are full of fish, but ...more arent fished often. i am thinking one of the 30' holes could be the ticket...?

    1. Garrett Bassler 0
      I have heard that Calhoun is nice... thanks.
    2. Kevin Ly 0
      Most of the fish I've caught there have been small. Only good fish that I've caught of any size has been a 24 inch musky. Crappies, perch, and the occasional ...more eye that I've caught on the boat in the summer have been little.

      If you want better fish, try calhoun. For me, it's better quality and numbers.
    3. Garrett Bassler 0
      thanks a ton, Jake!
    4. Jake Simon 0
      Any of the break lines will hold fish. You will have to sort through lot's of little ones, but the big fish are in there. I have been doing alright in about ...more 13 fow not far from shore. There is a hole in front of the beach that produces fish, but they have the Pond Hockey Championships this weekend so that spot will be off limits. There is a healthy population of Tiger Musky in there so bring your tip-ups. The bite has slowed down, but we are still marking fish. Minnow head was the bait of choice recently.

      Good luck, and let us know how you did!
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I've been fishing all my life. I like to fish for walleyes and crappies the most, but also go for northerns and bass if the lake holds the lunkers.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Walleye and Crappies
  • Waterway Northwestern Wisconsin & Twin Cities Area
  • Lure Jig/ Minnow