1. 18 inch walleye 4lb largemouth 2lb smallmouth

  2. was throwing musky bucktail and this 23 inch walleye hit it.

  3. 4 of them

    2 lb. Striped Bass with a plastic minnow baits

  4. Details: 7 lb. 3 oz. 35 in. Northern Pike with a tip up


    1. nicholas wagner 0
    2. will moore 0
      boat landing side
    3. nicholas wagner 0
    4. nicholas wagner 0
      cool what sis of lake where u guys on? like by the dam or sand bar or out from boat landing?
    5. will moore 0
      3 pike 3 walleye threw back a lot of non keepers
    6. nicholas wagner 0
      and my dad caught it
    7. nicholas wagner 0
      thanks howd u do today?
    8. will moore 0
      Very nice !
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  5. if any body would like to share tips about ice fishing this like i would really appreciate it thankyou.

  6. weedline

    2 lb. 3 oz. Largemouth Bass with a dropshot

  7. 20 in. Northern Pike with a crappie jig

  8. on weedline

    19 in. Walleye with a dropshot


16 fish whenever I can I also hunt. want to get into bass tournaments.

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