1. Anyone have any other spots to park other than the boat launch?

  2. Details: 9 in. Gills with a green red spikes

  3. Went out to Hampton lake in Portage, and had a really tough time getting to get the fish to bite. Only way i got any to bite was to slowly pull the lure up as the ...more fish rose, from 17' to 10' to 5'

  4. Have you been out since the weather has kind of gotten goofy?

    1. Matt Van Slooten 0
      6+, thick enough for snowmobiles to be Zipping around
    2. Brian Wilmore 0
      Went to cedar . Nothing but small gills. Mainly wanted to see ice conditions and about 5". What was Indians ice like?
    3. Matt Van Slooten 0
      What about yourself?
    4. Matt Van Slooten 0
      Got out to Indian lake yesterday, didn't do too badly. 15 solid keepers split between crappie and gills. Had 3 hits on the tip ups and only able to pick up ...more one small pike
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  5. Anyone know how the ice held up with this warm weather? Tried to walk out in front of the camp but the ice started to get thin

    1. Brian Wilmore 0
      The weather isn't sounding to promising at least for a week now.
    2. Matt Van Slooten 0
      it varied, the bay by the public launch had 3-5 depending on where you were. but like i said when i tried to walk infront of the camp it looked to be only 2"
    3. Brian Wilmore 0
      Sorry Matt, didn't want to chance it on Gravel. It would've been my first chance to get out. How much ice was on there before the warm weather?
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  6. 12 in. Perch with a green/red jig