1. Anyone got any tips for musky fishing caverun in March what do I need to do I fish there ever fall but want to get on the Spring bite as we'll I have read a ...more lot about the rattle bait bite but was woundering if that was to early for that

  2. My fishing partner even thow it was cold she hung right in there and fished from daylight to dark

  3. Caught this fish over some weeds on a grim reaper 2 week of October


I'm 31 years old and married to Rachel Maynard we have 3 little girls Paige,Logan and Brooke I have over the last 5 years got into musky fishing ...more at Cave Run Lake I am still trying to hit the 50 inch mark with my biggest fish to date is a 48 that came of a top raider

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Musky
  • Waterway Cave run lake
  • Lure Grim reaper blue grass beast