1. 11 lb. Largemouth Bass with a jig

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  2. First striper for the brother in law!

  3. Couple big ones tonight! Four total!

  4. My friends first striper

    1. Rick S 0
      Thats a good one!
    1. Rick S 0
      WTG Rodney!
  5. Windy and cool but first night our got a few!

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      Good to see you got out there and caught some!
  6. First time striper fishing with my baby girl. Slower night but she caught her first striper

    1. Randy Leventry 0
      Good catch! Still stretched the line I bet!
    2. Rick S 0
      Nice job Rodney, too bad the bigger ones didn't move in.
    3. Ted Polanowski 0
      sweet I love fishing with my daughter
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  7. First time striper fishing with my baby’s girl. It wasn’t very active but she caught her first striper

    2 lb. 16 in. Striped Bass

  8. 2 lb. 5 oz. Hybrid Striped Bass with a First time out for stripers and was able to catch one! Got to love the happiness from his cousin behind him! #alwayscomp...

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